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I remember when I worked at radioshack on the christmas of the xbox360 and wii launch, the CEO told everyone through one of his cheesy training videos that all of the stores would be receiving xbox360 units. We never received units and they never told us why. I later learned that RS sold all of their xbox360's to another company.

RS never received new ANYTHING on the release dates. With the customers I could actually convince to wait for a treo 650 to come in the mail, RS would fail to deliver and the customer would return 2 weeks later wanting a return because their merchandise didn't show up.

I hate radio shack. The company is evil and it's a wonder how they even stay in business. Please do not support thsi crooked company and do not get your hopes up about them having any Pre's. They may actually get them, but if history repeats itself....then fat chance.

p.s. RS upper management is total scum.
Reminds me of an experience about 5 or so years ago when I was ready to pull the trigger on my first iPod. I went to a local RS and asked about it (the 4th Gen full size ipod). The RS dude said, "we can ORDER it for you". I walked out. Went down the street to CompUSA. They had one in stock. Bought it; still have it; it still works. That one along with 8 other iPods that I've got for myself and my wife. Not an Apple or Mac person, but boy, do we love iPods!