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    I just called one of the independent Sprint retailers on the locator list. The lady I spoke to said that they wouldn't have any on June 6th but that you could come in and order one and they would have it on Monday. She also said to check back Thursday and Friday and if it's in their system they can order it then for you. That's my back up plan. I really want to get one Saturday (planning on getting to the store at midnight) but since every store I talked to said they are getting tons of calls each day, I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up too much.
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    btw, I'm not a business customer. Hopefully if she can order it on Saturday it won't already be back ordered!

    I wish they would've planned this a little better.
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    The latest info I got from my guy when I asked him when he could order..

    We are a Sprint business partner with an online ordering site, so I guess we are classified as a Sprint Store. We will definitely be able to order the device on June 6th. I heard a rumor that some business partners may be able to them ordered in the system as early as Thursday the 4th. I’ll keep you posted!

    I will let you know what he says..
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    Good info
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