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    Does the Pre have an FM radio built in?
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    why screw with FM radio? Sprint Radio/TV and PocketTunes streams tons of great stations for free.

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    i personally like -

    radioIO Top 20 Hip Hop Hits
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    I'm a huge fan of Kinoma on my 755p and I hope they develop a version for webOS!
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    will the pre have sprint radio??
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruppe3942 View Post
    will the pre have sprint radio??
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    FINALLY!!! BLOOMBERG RADIO WORKS on PalmOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Live Bloomberg Radio
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    I don't think it's necessarily FM Radio that you want, which is supplemented many times over with availalbe services and applications bound to exist for the Pre. What would be useful (and I believe is speculated to be included in the next iPhone) is an FM transmitter.
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    when will it be possible to get howard stern on handheld devices? now that would be dope.
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    Amen Villian!
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    Most built in FM transmitters are crap though. My Neuros was the last product I owned that had a decent one, albeit slightly illegal. But I could leave it inbetween two operating rooms and transmit to two separate boomboxes in different rooms close to 9ft away with no problem.
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    What would be useful (and I believe is speculated to be included in the next iPhone), is an FM transmitter.
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