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    Well in the link below you will find a internal document that on page 13 it says that pre-orders will start this week. Does anyone have more info on this.
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    I think it is just for business customers, but I will be checking my email just in case..
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    I recall Best Buy had a pre-order for the BB Storm. I'm hoping something similar may happen with this but have not seen anything anywhere thus far. I also took that to mean Business customers.
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    I posted before that my local Sprint thought it would be able to start pre-orders May 28th, for arrival June 1st. On Wednesday the guy said that he'd call me "in a day or two" when he knew more. I think I'll stop in today to follow up.
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    sweet and how would they know what kind of customer i am we just typed in our email
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    I know that business dealers can take pre orders.

    I am an indirect sales manager for telecommunications company. One of my dealers also sells Sprint (both land based IP circuits and pcs cell) and he told me that he already has 93 on order for day 2 delivery. These are all for business customers but he did offer to order me one.

    I haven't decided what I am going to do yet.

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    Just started my own thread on this. Careless of me to not read prior ones- sorry about that. Pre-orders start Tuesday. It quite possibly could be just for business customers, as the person who is doing it for me is on the business side of things at Sprint.
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    so any new news on these pre-orders.
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    The main article on PreCentral right now is about companies being able to preorder.

    This is off-topic but I thought your title was a typo when I first read it ("Pre Pre orders"). LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    sweet and how would they know what kind of customer i am we just typed in our email
    this has got nothing to do with that. for that you are going to get an email to a cattle call with no preference same as everyone.

    this has to do with business resellers.

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