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    I was assuming $199 for new customers and those who qualify for upgrades. I don't think that many people would want to pay full price just to not have a contract, especially since most people will have to change their contract to the SE or DE just to activate the thing.
    Sure there are many circumstances they would. People on Everything and four months into their contract would be a prime market for phones with no contract. Lots of people change phones every six months becasue they want the latest thing. They are eligible for no discount from sprint and usually buy on ebay. Someone may have lost or busted their phone six months into contract.

    Also there is literally no risk to buying at sprint off contract at $550. If there are shortages (and that is a sure bet) the secondary market will involve higher than retail prices. That is capitalism and arbitrage. If prices on ebay for new off contract phones are less than $550 you simply return it to Sprint.

    Sprint may institute an activation only policy. at this point they have not done that with other handsets for list price sales. I have walked into sprint stores and bought handsets outright at list without activating them (on OPM). But even activated to your exiting account you could simply return your old phone to the account and sell the Pre.

    I th ink it is a sure thing there will be sales over $550 on ebay if there is a shortage.
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    Wow that's an EPIC FAIL.
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    I'm curious, how many on here would be willing to sell their Pre on "Day 1" for $1500?
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    1500? I would...

    1k maybe not but 1500 yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I'm curious, how many on here would be willing to sell their Pre on "Day 1" for $1500?
    Oh I would. I would sell it for as low as $650. But I have an event invite and apparently non qualifying FF plan
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