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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott_L View Post
    It doesn't work on my Treo 755p. The formatting is a mess...
    I didn't expect it to (but it was worth a shot, I guess).

    Ya gotta figger it'll work betta on da Pre, doe. Rite?!
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I cannot imagine editing a web-based document on a hand held device. The speed/pauses, et cetera.
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    I should try it on my iPhone, heh.
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    Do we know how much motion apps will charge for the emulator (less than 70 probably)? It seems like we should be able to install DTG from our existing palm products onto the pre. That way we have the capability to do the occasional edit in the emulator but use the (probably) better webos version for viewing.
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    I'd imagine the allure of editing is in taking advantage of the Pre's full screen and resolution, not being limited to the small screen of the emulator. Viewing was always easy. Editing was a pain on the smaller screen. At least for me.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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