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    Does anyone here know how the ETF for Verizon Wireless works? My girlfriend is looking to cancel Verizon to get the Pre. I know Sprint's ETF goes down after 6 months. Is it similar to that?

    Her 2 year contract is up in September of this year and would be canceling in June.
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    Its $175 at the time you sign the contract. I think they take $5 off for every month from the time you sign the contract. So she is only looking at around $20 I think.

    Call VZW to check with them.
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    My contract is up in Sep. I called them and right now my ETF is 75.00 They said the lowest is 50.00.

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    Not to bad, I doing the same thing but only 1 year into contract.
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    April 2009-Verizon Wireless Get out of ETF with the picture and video messaging fee increase! - Forums

    verizon changed their rates regarding pic messaging. Basically you have two months since they informed you of this change to cancel service without an ETF. I have done this and they have notated my account to waive the ETF and I have til the 26th of this month to leave so it works, just need to follow the link exactly. Hope it helps

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