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    But has anyone signed up more than once, using the same email? I've signed up with a few different email accounts, but since it was done across different days, it's very possible I signed up twice with the same email.

    Can anyone see a problem there? Would Sprint/Palm (maybe possible in some crazy, alternate dimension) send the notification to only the first X number of emails on their list?

    Craziness? Stress-induced halucination? YOU BE THE JUDGE!
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    Yes... it's a stupid question.
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato
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    Yeah! And your e-pensu just got that much bigger!

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    I think their system deletes duplicate addresses. I know I signed up on palm's site multiple times with the same email, and I received 1 email from palm about the release. I think you will be fine.. It probably keeps the one and deletes the others..

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