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    As we know, pre has way to join info of one contact from multiple sources so that we dont get duplicates. But what if I have a colleague "joe smith" whose number I have on my pre and another friend "joe smith" in facebook contacts, and a third "joe smith" whose email is stored in google contacts?? Now its reasonable to have contacts with same name. How will pre handle this situation? Does pre have an intelligent way to know if one contact is different than another?
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    webOS will ask you before merging contacts. You will be responsible, however, for knowing which one is which, I imagine.
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    easy, just ask the other two joe smiths to legally change their names so as to not confuse your PREEEEE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    easy, just ask the other two joe smiths to legally change their names so as to not confuse your PREEEEE.
    I think you're on to something.
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    If one John Doe is in your phone's contacts, the other is in Facebook, and the other is in Google, there shouldn't be a problem. I would imagine that it will be handled similarly to how Blackberry handles linking contacts to AIM, YIM, GChat, and now (recently) Facebook accounts. It automatically links people if the names match but if you see it incorrectly linked 2 same-named people who are not the same person, you can go in and select for it to unlink the accounts. I don't see any reason to expect the Pre won't allow you to do the same.

    Also, use middle initials?
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    Actually, it relies more on email addresses and phone numbers to match contacts. The algorithm also uses names to an extent. It's mostly the information contact WITHIN the contact, not the contact themselves. Companies will often be matched to people accidentally if they have the same number. You just need to unlink the profiles.

    It does NOT ask you if you want to match. It does it automatically.
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