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    Oh I had no idea that we could sideload apps other than prc's... forgive me ignorance.
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    A profitable and successful App store and a warez scene are not mutually mutually exclusive.
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    Ooooh, a Venn Diagram would have totally driven home your point there. LoL.

    I understand but my point was ease of warez... not so much as the warez scene.
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    If the apps are good and actually useful I will pay for it. Just that some apps are just too silly to pay for...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    this wouldn't be an issue if apps were a reasonable price, but you will see that apps will be expensive and thats why people will do it as soon as possible. I read that the Clasic app is to cost $30 which at that price I hope that warez takes full advantage of it. I mean comon we hear that develeopment for webos is extremelly easy and then slam huge prices for applications. Once developers start being realistic that's when this will not be as big of an issue.
    Are you serious? $30 is NOT insane for the amount of time and development that the developer put into designing and coding.

    I don't know what you do, but I think that $2 a day should be enough for you. How does that feel? Do you think you deserve more? I thought so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Classic is certainly not like the majority of the apps that will be available. It surely required native code. Ie, it was not of the easy variety. $30 doesn't seem too out of line for it to me, given its capabilities.

    But I agree that cheap apps is the way to prevent the masses from trying to find free solutions. If you only have to pay a few dollars to get an application, you're likely to do it.
    And people, don't forget - Classic is emulating an OS neither Palm nor MotionApps own - they probably had to go to Access begging and pleading for a Garnet license, which I'm sure factored a decent amount of fixed cost into the price of Classic.
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