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    From The Palm Goon: Your Pre Questions Answered: Part 3 | Palm Goon
    Fdezarra: How will the Pre handle voice and data? Will it be able to handle both simultaneously? If not, will it store emails and hold on to them to be sent as soon as possible once voice is over? Or will it not let you write an email at all unless you are NOT on the phone?

    That is the beauty of a 3G EVDO network, it can handle data and voice at the same time so you can receive and send all you want while you are on the phone. Heck, even the Instinct does that now. Of course, the Pre takes it further with multi-tasking. The Instinct canít do that.
    I know it was assumed that the Pre could not do that because of Sprint's Network, so this information stating the opposite is interesting. Can the Pre do both at once? This guy says it can....
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    Ahh... didn't see it hiding in another topic

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