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    So I got fed up waiting, and broke down and got an 8330. Today was the last of my 30 days so I decided to cancel my account and bypass the ETF. Seeing as I cant go weeks without a phone I went to the Apple store or as I call it hell, and picked up a jesus phone, which isnt as bad as I was expecting, but this is only going to be my phone untill june 6th which is within the 30 day window afforded to me by ATT. I am assuming Sprint will be so glad to get me back as a customer that the wont put up a stink about me coming back on June 6th especially if I show them my Iphone. Do you foresee any problems with my scheme. I fear I overlooked some small print that I just usually dont read.
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    You should have just bought a cheap pay as you go phone.
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    You couldve gotten a pre-paid phone but you can switch back either way. Their going to definitely want iPhone users.

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