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    ok i have been reading a bunch of threads about best buy. sprint stores, and radioshack and stuff and i was wondering where i should actually buy it.

    i don;t really care about the instant 100$ rebate but that would be nice(not a necessity though)

    is there another method to buying the pre like pre-ordering it? or i read something about telesales(how and what is that?)


    (if i missed something please tell me.)
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    Stand in line and be on the phone with telesales.....cover both at the same time...

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    Telesales is Sprint's telephone sales department.

    I'm in a pretty rural city (Harrisonburg, VA) and I spoke with the reps. at the Sprint store nearby and they are expecting a decent number of Pre's come release day. I'll still more than likely show up about an hour early to the store opening just to be on the safe side.

    I haven't heard of any body taking pre-orders.
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    I'm in boyertown, pa which is pretty rural the only sprint store around me is about 30 mins away at Coventry mall.... they have two one inside and one out side.... i will probably come 2 hours early and have someone go to the mall sprint and the one out side. just to be safe... im determined to get this thing the day it comes out

    just in case.... how would you go about doing the telesales?

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