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    So I figure I would ask the masses here at ***

    Is there any truth to one needing to register for the Pre before going on June 6th at 8am?

    I had a friend of a friend go to the Sprint Store in town and he was told that you need to register for the Pre to be able to purchase it on Sat. the 6th of June.

    Is this true, anyone else here about this? Where does one go to register for the Pre then... I have looked on Sprints website, Palm's website and have yet to see ANYTHING regarding a registration. I also don't know if he was given a specific website to go to or not so I couldn't look into it further.

    Lets see if we can clear this all up before I and maybe many others go insane! Thanks!
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    You might need to register or get on a list or get an invite to purchase on the 5th, but on the 6th, the device is supposed to be generally available. In Sprint's press release, I don't recall anything about having to register, just that it would be available on the 6th.
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    ya after reading a lot of other posts here I kinda gathered that... (been w/ Sprint for over 8 years and had a family plan over $85 for over 2 years) Also signed up to be notified about the Pre and I have yet to see any official email from Sprint regarding anything about the launch or party, so it just make me nervous.

    I want this phone but won't sleep outside the store to get it... it isn't that importent! Just think it's cool and would like one now!
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    I think that Sprint has broken it down. "Launch Party" is the 50 events they have going on around the country. But from reports, it sounds like there are "early purchase" events that will go on that Sprint has yet to formally announce. I think that anyone that pre-registered will get the emails for those. I'm expecting something late next week (based on the sweepstakes drawing being on May 26th - I'm sure they didn't just use a random date).
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    In Aug I bought and returned a blackberry, but my upgrade did not reset. Today I went in to my local sprint store in Ocoee FL to try and make sure it was corrected by customer service. I was told to call the retension dept. Spoke to a rep that made notes in my file that i will be able to get the 150 discount. He also said the to buy the Pre I should preregister which he did for me. I had never heard about registering so i let him doit for me today. He just took my email adress?

    I then went back into the store to assure those notes could be seen from there, and yes they were. This store also says they will open at 7 pm on the 5th for early purchase. FWIW.
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    Your friend could be confusing having to create a palm account when you purchase your pre to recieve OTA updates and such.
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    I don't think you have to register to but the PRE on the 6th, but you can only
    attend the launch party and purchase the PRE on the 5th by invitaion only. As a
    Sprint Premier customer, and Palm Centro user, I received my invite on the 19th of
    this month.
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    Hello everyone my first post. Been lurking forever though.

    Truth is every sprint store is different. I just guaranteed my pre 20 min. ago. I call up one of my local sprint stores and ask if their getting any pres, he said, "yeah, were getting five.". So I ask can we preorder and he said, "yeah, you have to put down a $100 deposit." So i ask if they have any preorders left he said yes. So i said thank you and hung up and drove down to the store. They checked my status to see if I was eligible for the discount and I was .

    Then they tell me i have to change plans since I'm on SERO. I was already aware about that fact no problem. (It was good while it lasted ). Small chat about the pre. they take down my number and email and said that it's not set in stone but they should be able to sell them by 1pm on Friday he will email me the details when they get more information.

    That would be cool if they could sell it to me by 1 because im working the rest of the day. If not, no big deal I'm guaranteed one. They hand me my receipt and said well be in touch.

    Whole process took less than an hour.

    I'm happy
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    I called 2 Sprint stores in my area (Utah). One store was completely clueless, the other store had some good info. I asked the same question to both store employees, which was, "Will there be an early launch on June5th or do I have to wait for June 6th?" The first store said I needed to pre-pegister for the Pre. He then tried to direct me online to the "pre-registration" page which ended up not existing...I finally spoke with manager of the store and he sad "as of right now there were no plans to sell the Pre's on the 5th but they would be opening at 8am on Sat morning."
    The second store I called basically said the same thing BUT rather than trying to direct me to some unknown web page the rep said, "We have an internal database for those that want to pre-register for the Pre. If we end up holding an early release on the 5th, and you are a Premier Customer, we will notify via email or phone call."

    Cool. I gave him my info. Like the initial manager I spoke to, this rep didn't think they would be holding an early release but confirmed they would also be opening at 8am on June 6th.

    Bottom Line: There is still a lot of confusion among the many Sprint stores and employees. Whether it is a lack of communication from the Corporate offices to the field or a lack of training/knowledge from the store manager, or maybe a little bit of both, I would suggest calling multiple stores in your area. If I were a store manager I would definitely make sure each and every employee knew the release details of the Pre. This is Sprint's biggest phone launch and I wouldn't want to be the employee that botches it up.

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