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    Most people are only mentioning the Sprint Stores, Best Buy & Radio Shack for snagging a Pre on release day, but what about Wal-Mart? They are also supposed to carry it, at least some of the stores.

    Has anyone heard anything from their local stores? How much stock they're getting, what time they will go on sale, is the rebate instant, etc??

    P.S. Yes, I know trying to get any solid information from most Wal-Mart employees is like pulling teeth, but still. Would be nice to know.
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    My local Walmart said "no" because they don't even carry Sprint phones at all. Seems some Walmarts handle Sprint and some don't.
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    Yeah none of the Wal-marts around me even carry Sprint phones. Maybe that will be changing since they are supposed to be expanding and improving all of the electronics sections to compete with Best Buy better. I haven't seen a single person mention Wal-mart so maybe none offer Sprint items yet, but will for the Pre launch. Running out of time for that, but how long can it take to setup their simple displays they have there. All things being equal as far as price and instant rebates, I'm probably going to my Radio Shack since it's always a ghost town in there. The people (all younger women surprisingly) are also refreshingly friendly and not pushy.
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    I called the three Wal-Mart stores in my city (I've never actaully been to any of them) and I was told that they only sell Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T phones. No Sprint phones...but two of them ("Super Centers") said they will be selling Sprint phones soon. :/
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