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    So remember last week when the sprint dot com site was down? Remember how we all thought it had something to do with the Pre? Well my friends, without further ado, Mr. Mike Cooley....

    Dear Sprint Customer:

    Last week we experienced a problem which caused certain account management functions on to be unavailable to our customers for nearly three days. During the outage, customers were still able to call Sprint's Care agents and receive service over the telephone, but I realize the website's unavailability may have been an inconvenience and I want to personally apologize for that. At no time was your personal or account information at risk.

    A rare combination of configuration issues on a set of servers that support our website caused the disruption. At Sprint, we take website availability seriously because it impacts the service we provide to you. Unfortunately, this particular problem was difficult to immediately diagnose and remedy. Our teams have worked around the clock and the website is back up and running normally again. Rest assured that we're taking actions to prevent a disruption like this from happening again.

    We realize is a vital piece of our relationship with you. You depend on it for checking usage, changing plans, paying your bill, and so much more. In fact, our focus every day is creating a website that makes your experience with Sprint the best it can possibly be.

    Maintaining your trust in is a top priority for Sprint. I'm confident we will rise to the challenge and I look forward to providing you a quality online experience for years to come.

    Mike Cooley
    Vice President,

    I know, woopdy friggin do... at least I got a "personal" appology from the VP of sprint... er... VP of
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    I got one as well. At least he could have given a little something for those that were put out. If you tried to log on, at least you got an apology and a free ringtone. Unfortunately for me, my phone can't handle ringtones from their website.

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    how about a pre at $199 for signing 2 year contract no matter what!
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    nothing like receiving the apology a week later though.
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    I was surprised they said anything. I appreciated the e-mail simply because I was trying to activate a phone during that time and had to end up calling customer service.

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