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    Where can we get a list of applications for the palm pre......
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    I'm wondering the same thing is there a site that lists all confirmed application or application that are in development
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    There is a thread on here with confirmed / speculated applications. You will not find anything comprehensive via Palm or Sprint.

    Tis a shame... there is no hype other than the stuff we create on our own.
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    adobe flash is software u dont build-in
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    I guess we won't know for sure until we can take a look in the App store. Off the top of my head though...

    PIM Apps (E-mail/Calander/Contacts/Memos)
    Sprint TV
    Tasks (I guess that should have been included with PIM apps)
    Express Stocks
    Universal Search
    Maps & GPS (I think they are separate though)
    and of course...Phone

    Whew, my brain hurts now! What did I forget???

    EDIT: A couple more...

    Amazon MP3
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    There's no list yet. There was that screenshot that showed some apps like Chess and told us that there were 27 applications in the store at that time, but that was something like 5 months ago.

    We'll have to wait and see, it'll be a surprise.
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    Yea we will have to wait and see nothing definite from either sprint or palm beyond the ones that we already know. I would like to know if there is another other apps that come preloaded on the phone that they have not told us.
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    I see well I hope there are at least 100 apps on June 6th

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