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But I think I would argue that this is being penny wise and pound foolish. First, the Exchange server is totally connected to the internet. It's getting emails. Second, you can remotely wipe an EAS device too. Third, if I issue a device to my employees, I want to encourage them to have it with them constantly, so I actually want them to get their other email on it too. There are other ways to deal with viruses and worms that have to be implemented anyway.

However, you can't exactly go in and argue with the IT staff. You would have to convince the head of the IT department or CIO or whoever sets policy. And if that can't be done, then you're not going to be getting your corporate email/calendar/contacts on the Pre. And that kind of sucks.
Firstly the Exchange server is not directly connected to the internet, it is inside the firewall, secondly all email will be going through some pre-processing before it even hits the Exchange server (attachment stripping, spam filtering, monitoring etc).

In many companies, these policies are often set by the legal department (e.g. no personal email account access from corporate computers or Blackberries).