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    Quote Originally Posted by fdezarra View Post
    I dont have an explanation for MMS but if you are right, that would be great!
    Pretty sure true MMS like the Instinct has and the Pre will have isn't sent actually via data but through 'subchannels' of the voice, just like a SMS.

    Picturemail, like we used to have with Sprint, is data though.
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    Thats interesting. I am currently on ATT and MMS is specifically sent through a data connection. I know this because I had to recently borrow a phone after losing mine and my MMS wouldnt work with the new sim card. When I called, they said it was because I did not have a data connection on my account. They authorized. I sent.

    Maybe CDMA works differently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fdezarra View Post
    I also found this reply about the Instinct.

    "Account Filters says:
    December 17, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Beware, the only issue I have with this phone is that the EDVO network is on allows for data and voice on the same channel, this is bad since the phone depends on data for a lot of the functions specially voicemail. When you receive a phone call that you did not catch at the time right away and the person leaves you a voicemail, the phone then starts to receive the Visual Voicemail data, which tends to make the phone unavailable while redceiving the data, and it feels like the phone is frozen, stuck or unable to operate, when in fact it is working as design adn therefore you have to wait until it receives the information. Depending on the area you are located this could take a few seconds or may be longer. The iPhone not only has a better CPU to render graphics faster, it also runs on two bands which means, you can litterally receive phone calls and talk on the phone while browsing the internet at the same time! This feature with the iPhone makes the phone more stable, but this has nothing to do with the phone, in fact it has to do something with the network it is in. Originally Sprint was going towards the route of EVDV ro something like that, technology to allow simultaneously receive data and voice at the same time just like Sprint, but they drop the ball and they only got the EVDO Rev A. networking capabillity and therefore a phone that seems to freeze now and then because of this limitation."

    Can anyone on Sprint confirm/deny whether this actually happens? This would be disastrous for the Pre which is always 'on'.
    I wouldn't put much stock in this. First off, the Pre doesn't have visual voicemail, so it's pretty clear the writer doesn't know what he's talking about. Second the Pre multi-tasks, so the act of downloading data won't make the phone freeze. Third, every other EVDO phone I've seen from Spring gives precedence to voice, so if you're downloading email, or a web page, and a call comes in, it pauses the data download and rings the phone. When you hang up, it goes back to the data download. I would expect the Pre to work the same way.

    From everything I've read, the CPU on the Pre is far superior to that on the iPhone.

    Frankly, it sounds like the guy is describing an iPHone, which has VVM, and doesn't multi-task very well. Truth is, this is just another Apple fan-boy trying hard to denigrate the Pre because he's afraid people might actually like it better than his toy. He has no clue what he's talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outrigger View Post
    I'm positive you can use data via wifi and talk at the same time like any other CDMA wifi capable phone, but not data via 3G and talk at the same time.
    you can do that , data / browsing via WiFi and talk using cellular connection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    are you using 3G or WIFI when you do this?

    Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint definitely said you could talk and surf on the Pre duing the CES show. but - no definitive answer if he was talking about 3G or WIFI surfing.

    if you can do it with Sprint on the Instinct, i don't know why you can't do it on the Pre.
    Just FYI the Instinct doesn't have WiFi
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