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    So reading various posts just made the pre pricing clear as mud to me, since various people have different thoughts on how the numbers work out. So I decided to log into my sprint account and chat with a customer service rep. Below is my log of that chat (Names and info have been changed to protect the that being ME :-)

    Keep in mind my contract ends 12/1/2009. I currently can get $75 off a new phone.

    To save everyone from having to read this - the bottom line as the customer service person told me is I pay out of pocket $125 after everything is said and done. This chat took place 5/20/2009.

    11:34:16 PM System Connected to
    11:34:17 PM System Session ID: ######
    11:34:22 PM System Please hold and the next available agent will be with you shortly.
    11:34:22 PM System Shannon R has joined this session!
    11:34:22 PM System Connected with Shannon R
    11:34:22 PM System Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Shannon R. How may I assist you today?
    11:35:38 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER So I am interested in the palm pre, I understand it comes out in june. My contract looks to be up on 12/1/2009. What price would I pay if I wanted to get a Palm Pre in June. Are you able to figure that out/tell me at this time?
    11:36:07 PM Shannon R I will be happy to assist you
    11:36:12 PM Shannon R I am going to access the account at this time
    11:37:42 PM Shannon R May I please have your first and last name
    11:39:12 PM Shannon R I am going to review the account information at this time for the upgrade
    11:39:19 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER ok
    11:40:52 PM Shannon R To make sure that I have the correct information, is this for the line ####
    11:41:02 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER yes
    11:42:12 PM Shannon R I have reviewed the account information and you will be able to receive $150 off the device and the rebate offer that comes with it
    11:44:24 PM Shannon R Do you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with today?
    11:44:51 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER Ok so I have read that they have a $100 rebate = 299.00 - 100 = 199.00
    11:45:01 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER how does the 150 you say I can get factor into that
    11:45:10 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER would that mean then it would be 49.99
    11:45:36 PM Shannon R You will take the $150 off the regular price of the device and then you will send in the information for the mail in rebate
    11:45:46 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER ok
    11:45:59 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER can you confirm what the regular price will be
    11:46:24 PM Shannon R One moment please and I will check
    11:46:25 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER I want to make sure I know all the numbers vs reading the info from various sites on the internet
    11:46:29 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER ok thank you
    11:48:01 PM Shannon R $299.99 with a two year agreement
    11:48:16 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER oh and why do I get the $150 off vs $75 (as it shows when I log into sprint) (great news to be sure but I want to understand why I can get that number prior to my 12/1/2009 agreement date
    11:48:23 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER ok so 299 - 150 then?
    11:48:29 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER or am I just not getting this?
    11:49:18 PM Shannon R I apologize, it is Up to $75 with a two-year subscriber agreement (or up to $25 with a one-year agreement) and the $150 is in October
    11:50:39 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER Ok so with this $75 what would my price be in june if I signed a new 2 year agreement. That is all I am trying to figure out
    11:51:21 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER $299.99 - $100 (rebate) - $75 ?
    11:51:21 PM Shannon R That will be $75 off the regular price of the device plus the rebate offer. I apologize for the confusion
    11:51:53 PM Shannon R That is correct
    11:52:34 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER so after all is said and done I would end up paying $125. Correct?
    11:52:53 PM Shannon R that is correct
    11:53:10 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER ok perfect that is what I needed to understand
    11:53:27 PM Shannon R Great
    11:53:28 PM Shannon R Do you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with today?
    11:53:32 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER Shannon, that is all I needed help with tonight
    11:53:43 PM Shannon R It is my job to ensure that I have fully resolved the issues that prompted you to chat with me. Have I resolved all of your issues today?
    11:54:04 PM SPRINTCUSTOMER yes you have answered all my questions, thank you
    11:54:21 PM Shannon R Have a great evening and you're welcome
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    Yeah I'd take that with a BIG grain of salt... I think even she (the rep you were chatting with) was getting confused by the end (I know I was). Here's the breakdown:
    $549.99 (this is the regular price of the device according to Sprint and is the starting point that everyone begins at).
    -$100 Instant Rebate.
    -$150 2 Year agreement contract credit (or in your case just -$75).
    -$100 Mail in Rebate (which Best Buy and Radio Shack will do as an Instant Rebate... but in the past they've messed with the "starting Price" for existing customers, so don't count on the final numbers being the same).
    $199.99 This is the final price of the device after all mail in rebates, incentives, etc.
    So anyone qualifying for the "new contract price" should get it for $199.99 and by this math you (or anyone else that's only getting a $75 credit instead of the full $150) should be spending $274.99 after all of the rebates/promos/etc... HOWEVER I've also heard a rumor that people who are being advanced on their upgrade eligibility (no idea if this also applies to people like yourself who haven't advanced their eligibility, but are only on the first $75 tier of upgrade) are NOT being given then $100 rebate (the mail in one I think) because that rebate is through Palm and for some reason they are only honoring people in full eligibility. There's another thread on here about this ( if you want to read up on it.
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    I love that people are knowing the price but still talking to the reps to try to see if they can get a promise of a lower price.

    The price is $199. Geez guys.
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    Actually I am not trying to get a lower price as you suggest, I am just trying to get a clear understanding. I have read most of the threads on what people see the break down as. As evident by just the few responses to my posting, people believe different numbers, I attempted to get the straight talk from sprint. Simple as that. Unfortunately I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling when she didn't even tell me the correct $ off for a new phone at first.

    As Wmicke points out he sees it as $274.99. I suspect that even though the sprint CS rep told me $125 it will be $275 or higher.
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    I had a very similar chat with them yesterday. I'm at the $75 discount point now, but it jumps to $150 on 8/1. The CSR I talked to said on launch I would get the $75 off the "regular price" but could not confirm what that price was. We on the board seem to know it's $549. So, in the end, it was $75 off $549.
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    I was told the price is $474.99 if you are between month 12 and 22 in a 2 year contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wormdood View Post
    I was told the price is $474.99 if you are between month 12 and 22 in a 2 year contract. Twitter / JGoldsborough: @endonend U r right. Had w ...
    Yup, That's $549.99 minus your $75 one year discount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    I love that people are knowing the price but still talking to the reps to try to see if they can get a promise of a lower price.

    The price is $199. Geez guys.
    $199 is for a brand-new customer to Sprint who signs a 2-year contract.

    Not exactly so cut and dry for a current customer who purchased a phone last year and is eligible for a $75 discount-- I'm in the same boat.

    If it retails for $550 and you get a $75 discount, it will be $475. Any other rebates or discounts are just speculative at this point when it comes to current customers. I, for one, do not expect to be so fortunate as to receive both the mail-in and the instant rebates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    Yup, That's $549.99 minus your $75 one year discount.
    And, that explains what I was told. Perhaps they're extending the $75 discount to S|P customers like myself who are earlier in their contracts (I have 20 months to go), just like they extend the $150 discount to S|P's with a year remaining.

    Then, subtract the $100 MIR, and that gives me the final price I was quoted of $374.99. A price that I'm just fine with, I should mention.
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