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    I left Sprint 3 years ago because of poor customer service. I went into a local Sprint store and it was pure chaos on more than one occasion.

    I went with Verizon. In my opinion, they are over-priced, have poor phone selection, and they cripple phones and charge more for them.

    I am leaving Verizon for Sprint largely because of the Pre, but also because 3 recent visits to Sprint stores indicate radical change and better service.

    Three months ago I called a local Sprint store to get put on a Pre list. Guess who called me today? Yep, a rep from that same store. He was following up with me to see if I was still interested.

    I will be with Sprint for 2 years then I'll reevaluate again. I fully expect to stay with Sprint.
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    They had a terrible (and deserved) reputation for a while. I was lucky to rarely come into contact with them. More recently they have put some serious cash and effort into fixing the CS issues because they were really hurting the company. Thankfully they have improved greatly.
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    Yea. A lot of aspects have changed in the company. They are still making boneheaded moves here and there but nothing like before.
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    Nothing beats it in terms of pricing in terms of bang for your buck. Sprint is the only carrier that has unlimited usage for $99.99. They also have services in their data plan like gps, tv, radio that say the iphone don't really have.

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