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    Who else is going to trade the 800 for the Pre?

    Although I have been fairly happy with the 800 (Since I got the extended battery from Seidio), I can't wait for the PRE.

    I am a premier member, but I have not gotten the PRE release party. Hmmm. Any Ideas?

    Here is my wish list...

    I hope the Battery on the PRE doesn't disappoint us.

    I hope I can use my phone as a modem with a hack

    I Hope the PRE has a stand alone GPS ? Edit: Now I know it does NOT. Oh well..

    I hope someone makes a good case for it. Looks difficult since it slides open.

    I hope Palm's stock doesn't tank after apples new software release. I bought a bunch of stock a month back and it has paid for the phone already Maybe I should sell?

    I hope the headphone LOW VOLUME issue of the 800 doesn't migrate to the PRE.

    Lastly? Anyone want to buy a Treo 800?
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    I will pay you exactly 1000 fun bucks for your Treo 800w.
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    Lol, Great Xyg. It's better than what Sprint wants to pay me on their BUYBACK program. ($50 bucks).
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    I hate the 800w. It crashes, the battery life is horrendous, and my mini usb port quit and I now have to use my old centro to charge the batteries. I like the features of the phone, when it works. Cannot wait for the pre.
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    Company just got us Treo Pros. Now I'm thinking of exchanging it for the Pre. Wonder what the boss will say.
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    why trade your 800 in for 50 dollars, the pre uses the same battery which is worth 30. The 800w battery life is horrendous not sure how the pre will be much better with the same battery.
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    My 800w runs & works like a champ...but I will be jumping on the PRE train
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    Runs and works like a champ? You must be really lucky because I have had 3 of these things and they are all the same. The ONLY good thing about having the 800w (for me, this is my opinion,) is that I went from the centro, to the 800w, and now the pre and they all use the same batteries. I have 3 chargers and 4 batteries that will work with the pre. When I get the pre I will have 4 chargers and 5 batteries..
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    The Extended Seidio 2600 mAh battery will NOT fit in the PRE unless Seidio comes up with a new battery cover for the Pre...

    By the way..If you are going to keep the 800, YOU need this battery. I go 3 days without recharging with blue tooth, and google maps runnig!

    Here is the link: Innocell 2600 Extended Life Battery
    Sprint customer since 1998.
    Treo 600p ->Treo 650p -> Treo 700p -> Treo 800W ->PRE!
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    The only problems I've had were my fault, I did have 1 battery I guess not 100%.
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    have the 800 as well and i have been really happy with it and have had very few issues. plan to make the jump cause i want a bigger screen and the pre looks like she is pretty nifty.
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    My 800w has been a great piece of hardware. Its built like a tank. Windows Mobile is a little weak. I'm keeping my 800w but I will be getting a Pre on day 1.

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