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    I apologize if this is posted somewhere else but I believe I found a loop hole regarding us Preemies being able to purchase our Pre's on June 5th even if we did not receive an email and had to look out for us. I'm in Miami so I don't know if this will work for all of us but it did work for me so it's definitely worth a shot:

    1) Go into your local Sprint store and ask for the pre advocate or manager.

    2) Tell them you have not received the email regarding the June 5th launch party.

    3) She will ask if you are a Premier customer if you are GREAT! if you are not this probably won't work sorry my fellow Pre lovers but fear not it's only one day. Mv friend who is not told her he was a premier customer and once she looked it up she knew he wasn't and told him unfortunately you will have to wait til June 6th.

    4) If you are, she will verify it and apologize for you not receiving the email and will then invite you on June 5th taking down your contact info.

    She called me 2 hours later and asked me to confirm if I will be attending and said I will receive another call June 5th to be told what time I should arrive.

    I hope this works for all of US and I will be happy to provide Preemees who live in South Florida with the phone #, location of this store, and her contact name. Please shoot me a message and I promise I will get back to you with all of that info. She is extremely sweet and helpful.

    P.S. Buying her lunch didnt hurt! LOL
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    Hey, I'm in SoFla! Where is this store located?
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    they were a miserable bunch in my city and didn't know nothing about nothing. the only words these miserable creatures could form were "june 6. june 6." total ingrates.
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    Sorry to hear that gekko but fear not I walked into like 6 stores before it worked. Carioca I sent you an email with all of the info. See you June 5th WOOHOO!
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    ugh ok well i only called 1 store so far and they said no we're not doing that and i said well are there any other stores in the area that are doing that and they said no we're all corporate stores and corpprate stores are launching the phone on the 6th. booooo im gonna try and call a few more.
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    ok well a little better luck. i talked to 2 more stores. 1 said that it is by invitation only and she will get more details from her store manager and call me back. the 2nd store put me on hold and went to talk to the manager. She said the emails are valid and that they are being sent out to all premier customers. She said you must have the email to get in and that the emails started going out yesterday and it should take about a week to get them all out. She said that this is something that has come from corporate so they have no involvement with the emails being sent out but again it's by invitation only.
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    There you go abarrera! persistence paysoff! June 5th I can't wait!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by preman2be913 View Post
    Sorry to hear that gekko but fear not I walked into like 6 stores before it worked. Carioca I sent you an email with all of the info. See you June 5th WOOHOO!
    Please can you send me email too
    I am a Premier Customer too please help me
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    First. This is true confirmed in another State/City.
    Second. Keep it on the low down or delete this thread. Threads like this is what got the 5th partially squashed to begin with.
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    can you please pm me the info too
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    Mods please delete this thread as this is no longer accurate.

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