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    i'm already in line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    I told myself I wasn't going to line up for the Pre, but what do I know... I'll skip my early morning run, will drive Best Buy (less than 5 minutes away) to check for any lines. On my way, there's a Sprint store and I'll also check for any lines.

    Due to the rebate shenenigans, I'll order it from Best Buy. I just need to find out if Sprint somehow treats supporting phones bought outside of Sprint any differently.
    I bought my phone off of Craigslist and had no problem using insurance on it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
    i'm already in line.
    Seems like everyone in my town gets on line at a bestbuy for the newest and greatest, but never ever saw any lines at a Sprint store and its literally down the street from one of the bestbuys ...

    Depends on how obsessed I am by next weekend when its released .. dam forums are getting my crazies stirring
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    what time do best buy open and will they open an hour early for sprint/pre
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    I really don't do lines. But, I do have my name (and five of my friends) on the waiting list of my local Sprint store in a suburb of Washington. I am hoping for the best.
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