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    Hey guys, here's my situation:

    I'm on a family plan, which my father pays for and he's primary account holder. However, I usually handle everything with our plan, in terms of selecting the plan, checking our online bill to make sure everything is good, and helping my family members select phones.

    In the past when I got my phones, I would usually go to the sprint store, and they are usually very hesitant to let me upgrade my new phone. They usually make me call my father and talk to him first. Will I run into the same problem if I go by myself to try to get this phone? Do they not care if I just charge it to my own credit card, or do they only give me problems when I try to add the phone to our account bill (which my dad prefers).

    Basically, I don't want to run into any problems when it comes to launch day, and I don't want to have to call my dad to bail me out.

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    Let me check my crystal ball, or read some tarot cards or tea leaves...

    Who knows?! Seriously!
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    You contact your primary account holder (dad, mom, wife) and beg and beg and beg for a Pre.
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    Do it over the phone, say you're Mr. WizardHowl
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    I am in the same situation however I am going to do it online and not have to worry about it. You should do the same.
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    You can have your dad call sprint and see about having you added as someone who is authorized to make changes to your account. In some cases just having your account pin number works. My wife and I have to deal with this as well as we share plans. When ever I call into Sprint, I just need the pin and they help.
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    You'll need to have the Primary account holder there with you. That's what happened with AT&T when they launched the iPhone, kids were turned away because mommy and daddy weren't there. That's one of the reasons for a primary account holder, the main person responsible for the account. Why not have your dad just make you the primary person?

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    I asked the rep at Best Buy mobile and they told me all I needed was the pin number. I'm hoping to get the pre at BB as a new line added to my family's Everything Data plan.
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    This from a dad of three children (two adult boys): I hate surprises. Phone upgrades normally lead to a surprise (usually unwelcome) when the bill arrives. I have their plan (separate from mine) so heavily discounted that everytime one of my kids decides to do something behind my back, it costs me hours on the phone to put everything back in order. I'm a very reasonable parent. Heck if they want to get a Pre with their own money, I wouldn't have an issue as long as it does not adversely affect the monthly charges.

    Unless your dad is clueless about technology, which I doubt, then you should discuss it with him. He might be excited about the Pre too and would like you to test drive it before he gets one for himself.

    P.S. My whole family will be getting the Pre (5 ea). Do I get a volume discount?
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    thanks for all the replies guys.

    My dad is completely clueless about technology, I'm the one that had to set up our pin number and everything, and I'm the one that calls in every time there is a mess up in our billing or if someone's phone is wrong. It would just be easier to switch to me as the primary account holder, and just send the bill to him .
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    Wizard. You can make yourself the primary account holder online.. Just sign into the account on, click on "settings and passwords" at the top, click on "edit your online profile" under "contact info," click on "change member information," change the name to your name, click submit.. Log off then log back in. Now if you go back in to settings and passwords, you will now be the account owner under "account information."
    Next, go back into "edit online profile" and scroll down to "accounts." Click on "Account administrator console" and make sure your name is there and you are listed as an account administrator.
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    I forgot, make sure you know the pin number. You can change that online too..

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