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    Every store that I've called is like "yeah, if it's a new phone we'll probably carry it."

    But I don't want to spend my whole day driving from store to store while they are all snatched up.

    Is there a Web site or something that says which stores have them?
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    Best bet would be to call them on June 5th as they should have them in stock that day ready for the 6th.
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    For Radio Shacks, I'd say looks can be deceiving. There's a RS storefront two blocks from me. And I dislike going in there, the old guys who work there smell like they spend their entire breaks outback smoking.

    But they sell Sprint and several other services. And every time I've been in, or walk by and look in, there's always a few people waiting to get new service or to change existing plans. Two more blocks down the road there's a T-Mobile and a Verizon storefront, another two blocks away there's a Sprint/Nextel reseller. Another mile down the road there's an AT&T storefront.

    Which makes me believe to stay competitive they have to be offering something the other stores can't or don't, especially the ones they are competing with two blocks away.

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