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    Now that the cat is out of the bag (Palm Pre), I am wondering if we can hear thoughts/views from Marc or Josh?

    Anyone have their contact and can link them to this thread??

    To me, email on the pre is EXTREMELY important, and hope that it has chatter-like characteristics (reply from different aliases, IDLE push, and maybe others I cannot think at the moment)

    If the pre email client does not play nicely, it can be a deal breaker for many...myself included.
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    Marc has not commented on the WebOS email client except to note that he was not involved in its development and he is developing a new email client for Android.
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    But I'm saying.....

    he was on board when they were developing the Pre/WebOS.
    I'm curious to know if the pre used any pointers from Chatter.
    I would also like to know why chatter didn't make it on the pre.

    I've had chatter for over 4 years.
    and its the best email app for phones I have ever seen.
    I feel like it blows RIM outta the water, and emailing is their claim to fame.
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    Since he was an employee, there is probably a whole lot that he can't say, even about products that have been released.
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    Looks like this software is about to end... : ChatterEmail™
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtokarz View Post
    Looks like this software is about to end... : ChatterEmail™
    Yes, which is why I have downloaded it on to a couple of different computers and I am storing my activation code in eWallet on my Palm device and three PCs.

    Chattermail is easily the best email client on any smart phone. I intend to stick with my GSM Centro until something as good comes along on another smartphone (which supports 3G on AT&Ts network).

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