I'm a current Sprint customer and my contract expired last month. I've been with Sprint for 2 years, but was with Nextel 6 years before that and switched when Sprint offered a decent deal to switch when Sprint bought Nextel. With taxes I spend about $75 a month on my plan and add-ons. Never a late payment or anything. I'm considering a Pre, but my problem is my reception at home is horrible with the 2 Sprint phones I've tried, at least for the Voice signal. Data signal strength is a little better. Inside of the house I just don't attempt to make or take calls because it breaks up too much and drops the call. I can go outside to make a call, but the reception is only 1-2 bars there at most, and it sucks in the cold and rain, plus it still drops calls sometimes. I've had my GF and friends over with other carriers that have perfect reception here, and I'm not in the middle of nowhere Sticksville. Anyway, I know Sprint has a signal booster device that you can hook up to your router, but they charge $100 plus a $5/month fee! I don't think I should have to pay either to get service when Sprint advertised here as being covered. I've read of people getting both fees waved by talking to retentions. I emailed general support saying I was thinking of getting a Pre and getting the higher cost monthly plan with it, but asked if they could do something about the cost of the signal booster. They flat out said no, not even the $5/month fee.

So my question is, what's the best way about getting this? Think if I talk to retentions they'll play ball if I agree to get the Pre and Everything Data plan? Or should I buy the Pre and then call up and threaten to cancel before my 30 days are up? Think because the Pre is a high profile phone they'll be less inclined to offer me anything? If I cancel within 30 days, my contract isn't still renewed is it, I go back to month by month? Can I switch back to my old phone/plan until I can decide what I want to do? I might even be willing to buy the stupid signal booster if they'd give me some kind of loyal customer monthly discount and waved the $5 fee. I don't think I'm asking for the world here, but I don't think it should cost me extra for reliable service in a fixed spot that's advertised as having it. Anybody have any luck getting one of these things for free?

Also, I know the pre has wifi, but I've read nothing about if it can be used to make voice calls, or if it's for data only. If you can make voice calls for free then the whole thing is solved. I hate Verizon's crippled phones and ATT's service, but I'm tired of phones I can't use at home. Sprint is great everywhere else around here, except basically at my place