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    1. Ability for local desktop sync. I want my Outlook calendar but dont want to have to sync up to Google and can't sync via Exchange (company policy). Hopefully somebody will "create an app for that".

    2. Bluetooth tethering. This works awesomely (and free) on my aging 700wx and I'll hate to let it go.

    3. I'm a big fan of the Treo form factor (keyboard on front w/ no slider). I would love to see WebOS adapted to a Treo some day. Seems like you could ditch the 5way directional and other hard buttons for the larger screen, keep the front keyboard, and have a device that is not to terribly much larger than current Treos. I've never liked the touch screen only phones or touch screen with a horizontal slider. Hopefully the Pre will be a good happy medium with the intuative touch interface (aka NOT WinMo) and the vertical slider.

    Also, does anybody know if the pre has satellite based GPS like the Treo Pro does?
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    Biggest concerns are:

    1. Having to sync in the cloud and no notes / task sync - I use a mac with Entourage and Markspace for blackberry and it seems like I'd have to use Evernote and google... that blows.

    2. Lack of Tethering - I use my Crackberry 5-6x a week to connect via bluetooth, can't give that up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RicanS4 View Post
    Quicken will have their own app for the Pre.
    I must have missed the announcement. Do you have a link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spunks3 View Post
    Okay, so if your like me you've watched CES over and over and all the "hands-on" stuff on youtube. Im looking for flaws becuase no phone can be perfect. im 100% getting this phone because from what ive seen it will do everything i need it to do. my number one concern is the App Catalog... i know at first it wont be as robust as the iPhone store, but within a year or so will it get that big? will developers want to develop for this phone/ webOS? with all the buzz it seems like we will have a hefty amount of users, but what about developers. Palm can only do so much by bringing us the product.

    so what are your main concerns?
    Store, Battery life.. etc.
    With the Palm OS Emulator, there's tens-of-thousands of apps that *should* run on the Pre. The webOS App Catalog will take some time to get to the point that the iPhone Store is, but that will happen faster if the Pre is as popular as Palm and Sprint hope it will be!
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    I think you should add keyboard as an option.
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    Battery life would be my big concern. I am sure the Pre will take off and do well. If the keyboard is like the Pro then I am happy with that as I don't have a problem with the pro keyboard at all.

    I hope that Pre2 will be improved with my storage and maybe a memory card slot.
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    My biggest fear? That everything goes decently and Palm rests on their laurels. How many of you with palm devices remember anxiously awaiting version 1.5 or 2 or 2.5 and being completely underwhelmed at the 'upgrades'.

    Hopefully, with apple in the running, the nature of the upgrade game has changed. A compettitor is going to be expected to fully and continually support their product, as well as make sure their next one has the benefit of both more powerful hardware as well as that extra bit of flash that let's the consumer know that 'hey, we still have ideas on how to make this thing perfect'.

    I would really hate to buy this, fall in love, then wait for the new version which, like so many other palm products, is the same exact thing with double the ram.
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    my main concern:

    1. BATTERY LIFE!!!

    if I use the pre contact mgmt do I still have contacts, notes, tasks and memos? what happens when I don't have a connection will those items be stored locally on my device until the next time I synch?

    I am thinking the first release is going to be chalk full of bugs so I am wondering if I should wait and see what kind of fallout hits the market
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    i don't really have any big concerns but the concerns i do have are software related.....

    instant messaging......... i know it has aol and google talk buy i use yahoo im also
    visual voice mail............ it's one of the thing that my instinct did well with so i would hate to have to take a step backwards
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    Not syncing direclty to laptop.
    Battery Life.
  11. Xyg
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    Lack of Visual Voicemail.
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