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    If there are multiple lines on an account, all of the contract dates get pushed back whenever an upgrade is applied. For me, my $150 date was March but my contract will end in April 2010. We used the $75 upgrade on one line for the 800w.

    Does not necessarily have to be Premier customer...
    Did you wait 2 years for the $150 though?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    Did you wait 2 years for the $150 though?
    Yes. I didn't see that the OP didn't either though. He just says he has a year left on his contract. If his contract was extended for some reason (added perk, etc) he would still be eligible for upgrade but his contract would still have more time left.

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    The 22 months is from when you got a discount on a new phone, not when you renewed your contract.
    ^What he said^
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