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  • Yup! Pre-emptively saving already!

    9 37.50%
  • Nope! The Pre is Good 4 Me!

    11 45.83%
  • Not getting a Pre, but maybe Pre 2.

    4 16.67%
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    Since (as far as we know) the Pre requires a everything data plan that qualifies for Sprint Premier, all Pre owners wil be fully eligible to upgrade to the "new" Pre (Pre2, PreX, Pre 800w? lol.)
    Who's planning on taking advantage of this? Anyone NOT planning on doing it?

    Personally I think it would be dumb not to... I mean, if you are paying $70+ each month (unless, like me, you have a awesome employer discount) you might as well always be making the most of it
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    All depends on how awesome the next device may or may not be.
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    Yeah all depends.
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    The meal hasn't been served yet, and yet we're already thinking what to eat on the next one. He, he.
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    Geeze...a new poll every 5 minutes lol.
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    Depends on the upgrades. iPhone 3G added some things that were already standard on other devices (3G, GPS, etc.) so it made sense to do that upgrade. Without those things it was terribly crippled compared to other devices.

    If Pre2 (Post?) offers enough of an upgrade and I feel like I can spare $300 or whatever I will pay at that time, sure I'll get one. Otherwise I will hold off. Like others have said, it's pointless to think about it much as the Pre is not out yet nor is any successor. Anyone with any sense compares two devices for capability and price and then determines if the value warrants an upgrade. It will depend on your own needs and budget as well as the new device vs. the old.
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    I assume even if there aren't major changes to the phone, there will be a new version released within the next 6 months to a year that will have at least 16GB if not 32GB of storage. Since I find this space very important, I'll no doubt be buying a new one when I'm due for a new phone in a year.
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    larger storage would be key. a card slot would guarantee it provided I still like the Pre and nothing better is out there.
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    The Everything Plus Referral program / 500 minute option comes in at $59.99, below the SP minimum.

    Compared vs. the Everything Data / 450 plan, you save $240 over the course of a 2 year contract, but you have to wait 22 months vs. 12 months for a discounted upgrade. For me, worth it, but obviously YMMV.
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    I'm almost certain to upgrade in a year as i usually don't own a phone longer than that.

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