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    will sprint be shipping the phones to arrive on release date? will we have to order on release date and wait a few days for the pre? any details on this?

    When you order an unreleased movie/game from, they ship it to arrive on the day the product is released. I really like how amazon does that and i hope sprint does the same.
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    I'd also like to know what time tele-sales it 24hrs?
    The last Palm product I owned was the Zire71..the Prē is bringing me back.
    So, it's bringing sexy back!
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    Quote from InsideSprintNow
    Palm Pre Release Date Quickie « Inside Sprint Now
    Don’t get all excited(yet). I just wanted to remind folks that are going bananas over the release date of the Palm Pre, and whether it’s too close to ‘this date’ or ‘that event’ or all of the other similar things that are spreading around the world… take a look back at the history of Sprint device releases, and i’m sure you’ll see a pattern, and it’s certainly not by chance that it happens that way. The launch date for devices is generally on a Sunday for retail – but you must also remember that these devices are always available via direct ship channels (i.e. Telesales) on the Thursday before.

    I am NOT saying the device will launch on a Sunday, but only if it was to be a standard Sunday launch process, then you could order the device at 6 o’clock Thursday morning, and have it in your hands by Friday afternoon. So keep that in mind when you’re attempting to rule particular days in or out just because some event is either too close or too far away from whatever date you’ve picked.
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    Beat me to it Kyusaku!
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    if i could order online and guarantee myself one, i would wait the extra day. but if you are right Kayusaku, that is very good news.
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    I talked to Sprint Premier today about buying from telesales. I asked if the Sprint Premier people like myself are going to be able to purchase the Pre before the 6th. As of now he said there were no plans on allowing the Sprint Premier customers to order early. He said that might change as it gets a little closer, but he did say at least that we could order by telesales at midnight on the 6th. I hate waiting in lines, and I usually get a better deal through reps anyways.

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