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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Got mine at 2:51 PM EST, from Palm, not Sprint.
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    yep from palm but not sprint should get it from sprint a few days before the actual release as that is how they due it they give it to you when it is available not when the launch date has been announced
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    Got mine from Palm
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    Yep, Got my email from Palm early this afternoon, 1:22 PM, EDT saying Pre will be here in Sprint stores on June 6th and for $199.00 after rebates and service agreements.....

    I guess I'll have to take them up on one and take it for a test drive.....

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    1:57 est from palm
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    Signed up at Palm and Sprint sites(actually several times) and heard from Palm at 10:57am. Have not heard from Sprint yet.
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    Nothing yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    Most of us signed up to be notified when the release date was announced but did anyone get an e-mail? I didn't seem to get any email about todays announcment.

    By the way, I believe I only signed up on Sprint's site, not Palm's.
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    Just got mine @ 11.35pm EST...Where is the love? Oh...I only got one from Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneAfter909 View Post
    No and No.
    Same here
    Ironically, I received an e-mail from Apply!!!
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    I got one from Palm at 1:08 p.m.

    Nothing from Sprint though. Not to mention I signed up for both from two different email addresses.
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    I did not get anything from either and I signed up from Sprint and maybe Palm I don't remember.
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    Got mine at 3:49pm EST
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    from palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    can you add a poll?
    I believe only a mod can add a poll after the fact, as I don't see it in my list of edit options. Sorry!
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    From palm 9:37am Pacific. It has been a long time since bought something direct from Palm.
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    Got one from palm...none from sprint yet
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    Nothing from either.
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