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    For a while everyone was saying that the Wall Street Journal was going to give everyone the release date for the Pre yesterday on 5/19... Obviously they didn't... Palm and Sprint outed the date before it was announced anywhere else.

    BUT has anyone wondered if maybe what Palm/Sprint was waiting for was not for the story to break, so much as they were waiting to find out what the story would be?

    As noted in several other posts, Walt Mossberg (arguably one of the more influential tech writer/reviewers out there) has yet to release any kind of a detailed review on the Pre (then again neither has Pogue w/ the NYT or several others)... and an endorsement from Mossberg would do wonders for sales and/or awareness of the Pre...

    So? Is it possible that what Sprint/Palm was waiting for is not for the actual story to break in the WSJ, but rather for them to obtain the standard "advance copy" of the review (which is often... although not always shared with the subject of the story a day or two ahead of time). If so, then it would make sense that we can expect to see a detailed review of the Palm Pre this Thursday in Walt Mossberg's column (Walt's regular "Personal Technology" column runs every Thursday in the WSJ).

    Thoughts anyone?
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