So, I decided to break away from all the Pre news, blogs and forums and go enjoy the beautiful weather this afternoon. I strolled down to the nearest Sprint store in the Loop and asked the salesperson about a waitlist for the Pre. This person said that they had already started a list to keep people informed about the phone, when it would be released, etc.

Then the salesperson said that they were planning to offer a pre-order option for the Pre: basically, they would contact each person on the list, ask if they wanted a Pre reserved for them for a yet-to-be-determined deposit, you'd come in and pay the deposit, and then the Pre would be waiting for you to pick up on the release day. No hassle with lines, etc. This person also said that they would start calling people on the list in about a week or so, when they get a better idea of how many Pre's they will have in stock. I then asked if they were a corporate Sprint store, and they said "No, that's why we can do this."

Just thought I'd pass this along as another potential way to avoid lines on release day. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this at another direct reseller. I'm number 5 on a waitlist at a corporate Sprint store in the 'burbs, but after reading some of the posts here, I'm leery that they will even honor that system (even though when I called them today, they assured me they would). Good luck everyone!