View Poll Results: What's the First Thing You're Going to Test When You Get the Pre?

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  • How many cards I can have open till it freezes

    31 23.31%
  • Try to activate with my SERO because I Believe!

    6 4.51%
  • Try Web to see if it's better then iPhone

    49 36.84%
  • Flash!

    2 1.50%
  • Email

    15 11.28%
  • Seeing if I can tether this to my lappy

    3 2.26%
  • Test nav till I drive my car in a lake

    6 4.51%
  • I'm just going to call to everyone and rub it in that I got a Pre!

    21 15.79%
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    The web browser.
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    Well, if Sprint Provisioning gets my data up and going, I will test the Browser first, Synergy 2nd, and then open every other app to test the multi-tasking load capability!

    And since its a multitasking OS, you should be able to test them ALL at the same time!!
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    Number one: Youtube/Web browser.
    Then configure MyYahoo. Then put music on it. Buy alot of ringtones and check to see if it has customizable ringtones. I would like to see if you can have a slideshow wallpaper background like the lg dare. Pretty much i'll just be adjusting the phone's settings to my liking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagowar View Post
    Synergy (email, contacts, calendars)

    I'm going to put in my Google ID and my exchange server info and watch the magic happen.
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    Synergy and call quality plus the apps that come with it and the free apps that are on the app store. I mean I will have a bunch of stuff to focus on so my whole day will be taken up by the pre.
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    Im gonna install my BT ps3 remote and then install my super hacked version of modern warfare 2. im pretty smart, i know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turb0rexx View Post
    Go on youporn and see if the video works.
    That would fall under Flash + Websurf.
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    Make sure it works!
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    Reformat and put on a fresh copy of the OS without any bloatware. Oh, wait...

    Seriously though. I'm very curious how they handle "Sprint Apps". One thing Apple did right is that they kept ATT branding to a minimum. Hopefully Sprint does that too and we aren't bogged down with cruddy media players or gigantic Sprint logos peppered everywhere.
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    i cant wait to see what facebook and twitter look like!
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    I'll do a final sync with PD then migrate it to the Pre. Then him and haw because I won't be able to sync with anything because I'm not using google, and I don't have access to an exchange server and hate Outlook anyway. Work is only two months away from being two months away to setting up exchange. Then I'll throw on 7 gigs of music and him and haw even more because I have no more room for my work documents. So then I'll go through the 7 gigs of music to see what I can live without and pare it down to about 4gb to leave room for work stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    That would fall under Flash + Websurf.
    Nope. Being that YouPorn has iPhone/iPod Touch compatible versions and the Pre's browser is also Webkit it might work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goyena View Post
    Open apps repeatedly and flick them off the screen.

    No seriously, I'll find "Prefs", "Network settings", etc. and see what I can mess around with/configure/customize.
    me n you is in the same boat.
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    Plantronics recently came out with a phone number you can call to test voice/headset quality. Your voice is played back to you immediately. Kinda nifty. 415-408-5288
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    Web Then WI-Fi Then Text Msg Then Camera Then Play with the Cards then I might call somebody
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    battery life and then sprint tv to see how much actual hp is under the hood
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    Quote Originally Posted by osidak View Post
    battery life and then sprint tv to see how much actual hp is under the hood
    Yeah battery and web is what I'm looking for.
  18. Xyg
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    I am going to take pictures of my naughty bits and test just how well it syncs to the cloud...
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    pre does lag when another card website is loading and u try to look at the other web card
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    I want to see if my MobileMe email account will be instant push to the Pre. Works on my Nokias and Blackberrys.

    Then Synergy. Time to see what can be done with the Pre and a Mac.
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