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    Hello. I am so sorry if this has already been posted, but I just got a little sprint booklet with the Pre on the front. There is also one page inside. I will scan them and post them (if I can figure out how - surely it shouldn't be too hard) here. June 6th BABY. I wonder what that June 07 thing on that one sprint website was about. Hmmm...Doesn't matter now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by andddlay View Post
    June 6th BABY. I wonder what that June 07 thing on that one sprint website was about.
    Because Sprint traditionally launches on Sundays, they probably heard "the week of..." and assumed it'd be a Sunday instead of a Saturday.
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    The words on the second image say this (the words are the pictures are Notification Dashboard, Calendar Management, Contacts, Universal Search):

    Connect seamlessly on the new Palm Pre.

    This summer, keep it all organized with the phone that's revolutionizing the wireless world as we know it. The new Palm Pre is coming soon, and only Sprint will have it.

    With a long list of innovative features, this brilliant new touchscreen smartphone allows you to seamlessly connect to your work and life like never before. And you can do it all on the dependable Sprint nationwide 3G network.

    Palm Synergy Layer your Outlook and Google calendars in a single view.
    Activity Cards Effortlessly flip back and forth between multiple applications.
    Combined messaging Take a conversation from email to text to IM.

    Sprint has what you need to unleash the power of your new phone.

    > Find the best value for your wireless needs with a Sprint Everything Plan. Enjoy unlimited text, Web and more all for one simple price.
    > Get the most from your phone with Ready Now. We'll set up your email, voicemail, data and show you how it all works one-on-one at a Sprint store.

    Palm Pre takes best of show honors.

    The Palm Pre has been recognized by the industry and received the CES 2009 Best in Show award. Here's some of what those in attendance had to say.

    "I experienced something very strange and quite unexpected while watching Palm demonstrate the new OS: my iPhone suddenly felt old and played out."
    -Jon Stokes, Ars Technica

    "It's packed with original ideas, such as the ability to flick between multiple applications with an interface Palm calls 'cards'."

    To learn more, visit
    Edit: Just am seeing now that the words are big enough. Oh well.
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    why i did not got one?!
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    Thank you but do you realize your name/address are posted there for everyone to see. Not sure if you realized that.
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    Yea andddlay, that is not very safe to have your address on it. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Thanks for sharing that tho... Very cool.

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