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    I have 5 lines on my account. I have 3 that are able to get the $150 off. On my personal line I dont have the 150. Is there a way to get the phone on one of the other lines and then swap it to mine(knowing about 2yr agreement)? Thanks
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    I do believe you can do that. You will, however, reset the timer for new phone discount eligibility on both lines. (I think)
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    so i can buy the phone(s) and take one home; dont activate it on the line that has the 150 credit and put it on mine?
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    I'm in the same boat as you are. You can upgrade another line on your account and activate it on your line. However, if you do this, they will not honor the MIR. To get the MIR, the phone has to be active on the upgraded line for 30 days and then you can swap it with the other line.
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    I have asked this very same question. You will need to upgrade, with the Pre,to your other line that is eligable for the full refund. Then switch your number with the upgraded number. This way you will be upgrading the other number and still use the Pre on your personal number. The other line will need to use an "old phone" for 2 years because it win't be up for a discounted upgrade for some time. Your line will be up for an upgrade at it's orig. time as like you didn't upgrade now.
    I did the same thing when Sprint offered the HTC Touch for free about a month ago. I hope this helps.

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