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    Okay, now that we have pricing and release date details:

    What is the best way to order/PRE-Order to GUARANTEE yourself a PRE on or before launch day?

    Quantities are going to be limited, and once advertising picks up we might see some lines at stores!
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    You can go to a store and get on a list, but there are NO guarantees you'll get one. About the only way I can see a guarantee is if you're the designated rep at a Sprint store. They may promise you one, but they may not be able to deliver on that promise.
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    So, will we not be able to order via telesales and have it dropped on our door Saturday or Monday? Has anyone seen info on this - havn't found much yet.
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    It's all in the art of per$ua$ion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFox19 View Post
    It's all in the art of per$ua$ion.
    +1 that is very true

    But it has been said that Pre's are first come first serve, what ever that means.
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