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    when can we order it? has anyone called sprint or gone to a store? Any speculation based on previous sprint phones - new to this waiting game. Damn you pre
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    Probably around May 30th.
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    You think? May 30th would be sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    Probably around May 30th.
    what makes you think a week before?
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    Just a guess. How much time does Sprint usually provide for someone to order a phone early?
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    "I am NOT saying the device will launch on a Sunday, but only if it was to be a standard Sunday launch process, then you could order the device at 6 o’clock Thursday morning, and have it in your hands by Friday afternoon."

    So since it is a Saturday release maybe we can order Wednesday June 3rd? Or maybe we can order on Thursday the 4th and still have it on Friday.

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