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    Quote Originally Posted by laravia18 View Post
    I am thinking about going to the Sprint store on 23rd and 5th ave because it's the only one I can think of that has a Best Buy a block away. That way if one has a long line I can go to the other.

    If I have the cash though I might just go to Best Buy. If not, I am going to charge it to my account and go to Sprint.
    yea i was considering that one, still not sure yet. but i forgot about the best buy near it
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000 View Post
    I don't think there will be lines. Never seen a Palm phone release with lines. One's I have seen are with iPhone and BB Storm.
    were there lines for the G1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by abarrera View Post
    my Sprint opens at 10...ill be there!
    They are opening at 8AM for the launch!
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    camped out 2 days for the PS3... im gunna head to the store the night be4 and chill in my car, if i see a line start ill be sure to be the second person.
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    im gonna be hittin up the santa barbara store the night before to see if there's a line and if there's not then ill be back in the morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmart603 View Post
    were there lines for the G1?
    Nobody bought a G1.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist (Gee, it is becoming my catch phrase)
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