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    Thanks to everyone who watched our videos. Our final video is below.

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    hmmm where is the official release date
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    i agree, must admit...pretty lame
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    C'mon guys, this was an announcement from Mr Ski Mask (= Palm) that they are gonna release the release date this week. So while there are other 10-page threads that are waiting for this to happen, when Palm finally admits it is going to happen, your comment is "lame".
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    right, but no release date is given...simply "this week"

    If it was something like

    "TADA!!! ---and drum roll please...Palm will be released on XXX"!!!!

    ---now that to me is viral marketing...
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    We got a shout out folks! I liked all the videos actually. It's pretty cool they thought enough of the individuals, who complained about their not being another video, to make a final one for closure.
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    at least we know there will be an announcement this week.
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    I like the outtake at the end. "PAAAAAALLLLLLM!!! giggle, snicker"
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    Thanks and good luck Mr. Ski Mask.
    Keep in touch.
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    it was fine .... it was missing a hot chick. .. but it was fine.
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    Nice props to precentral in the video. If Palm was behind it..
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    Interesting, the video saying that "Palm will put out a date this week", just hours before the press release hits.

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    I have to say, I enjoyed these videos, and they made the waiting much easier. I enjoyed them even more when I realized that Palm was behind them.
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    I am gonna miss mr ski mask.. :-(
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    there is always the next webos phone
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    yes we will always be around to keep palm on their toes
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    Palm wasn't behind these videos. I think it's obvious when he says that was the only website they focused on. If palm would have been behind this they would have put these videos on all these tech forums all over the web.

    But anyways...nice job Mr. Ski Mask. Thanks for keeping us entertained, these videos were hilarious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    there is always the next webos phone
    EOS is next Anybody for the release date?
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    We are already working on it
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