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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    I think the 30,000 is a misplaced zero, but the shortage issue is not "a hoax." You are talking about statements by top level Palm and Sprint execs to major analysts and directly to the press and covered in the serious financial press like Bloomberg. There is a problem with supply, most likely deriving from shortages in capacitive screens.
    Wasn't it you that kind of picked up on that from reports overseas? In China?
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    Quote Originally Posted by argentknight View Post
    Sprint has a plan, I just don't think they have made it known to everyone yet. Not even their employees.

    Honestly, that's the only sure way to avoid leaks, don't let the information get into too many hands.
    No, much more likely things are messy and in flux. People I know at Sprint are saying there is alot of cat fighting between Sprint and Palm about supply with Palm diverting to GSM production, which has almost certainly already started, and Sprint retaliating by lowering the amount of paid promotion.

    Sprint has lunches from policy to policy, delayed launches, etc. They likely have different departments simply doing different things and less than a clear game plan even to themselves. It is part of corporate culture.
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    Secrecy is a part of the corporate culture as well.
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    I finally got a chance to go into my local store in Pleasanton CA and they too are selling Pre's on the 5th after 6pm first come first served. I asked if they were getting enough to warrant being open from 6-midnight. The associate I talked to even pointed me to the store that is having the Pre party in Pittsburg, I would imagine this is the 'party' store for the East Bay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeray View Post
    Just seems like if this ends up being true, with that low of quantity per store, then the ifanboys & media will blow up Palm on this, and then we can watch the little bit of momentum they were building in the stock.... fall yet again. If people end up at the store, just to watch 1 or 2 people snap up all the phones, Urkel is right, they will just go get an 09 iphone.
    Exactly. I said it within an hour after the first rumor of short supply, and I will say it again. Whatever the reason - deliberate marketing ploy or manufacturing difficulties - if the Pre is not available to those first buyers it is a huge mistake for Palm. When the iPhone first ran in short supply the world was abuzz with "wow, this thing is really popular", while if this happens the opposite will be true "Palm, you suck". Palm simply does not have the reputation to pull this off gracefully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emusician View Post
    I spoke with the retail manager at the Sprint corporate store near me and he told me they were going to close early but work til midnight doing set-up.
    I think he is selling you a line.
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    By the way, just because I just started posting doesn't mean I am wrong. Also, maybe I was just waiting for something worth saying. Still further, if you read nearly all the rest of the posts here, it seems I am right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abarrera View Post
    i have spoken to about 5 stores in my area (San Antonio, TX)...all corporate. 3 of them told me that there is no party and they will not be selling the Pre til the 6th. 1 told me they are having a party but you must have an invitation to attend. The last one told me they are opening from 6-12 and there is no list...anyone can come.
    Went to a Sprint store today at the Forum in NE San Antonio. Person I spoke to obviously had been coached in what to say. When I asked her if they were having a party there on the 5th she smiled and said " probably" having one there...they are closing early and then opening again from 6 till it is "probably" wink, smile...for a Pre party. I asked if it was only for premier customers and she said no, "probably" for anyone...she didn't know if invitation was needed. Just thought I would pass it on. Not sure if any of it is true but she sure seemed to be like the cat that ate the she was biting her tongue to keep from saying too much. Oh, by the way, I will "probably" be there on the 5th!!!
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    Very similiar story from the local Sprint store here. The manager told me like 5 times today to make sure I was signed up thru for the release info, and to check my email closer to launch. When asked if that meant a release party or early buy, he just smiled and repeated that I should make sure I was signed up and I'd be fine.

    Sounds like an early release on the 5th with some sort of email invite.
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    For all the SERO customers getting yelled at for crying about losing their plans, there sure are a lot of legacy Sprint customers complaining about their Premier program perks.

    I was a SERO customer and now on a shared everything plan. I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous of the Premier plan just like you were of our SERO plans and how we were worthless :]
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    my local sprint store is staying open until midnight to sell the phones to those who signed up on sprints site.
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    My local sprint store said they are closing at 4pm and reopening at 6 on Friday to sell the Pre's to anyone.
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    My question is....since the majority of us signed up for e-mail notification from Sprint and Palm(on their respective websites), who actually heard from SPRINT? I was notified by Palm e-mail regarding the release date but heard nothing from Sprint. So at this point I am not holding my breath waiting for Sprint to tell me to come in on June 5th to pick up my Pre.
    Anybody with a different perception?
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    I've saved every e-mail I've gotten since registering on Jan 8 and only 1 came with a Sprint return address, the rest (5) are from Palm.
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    I am wondering if anyone has received the coveted email from sprint. I talked to a rep at my local sprint store and she said that they were being strict about the email requirement. I signed up on multiple email accounts and I am hoping the email comes soon.
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    Wow, the ***** at my Sprint store said he didn't think they'd even have any to sell until a week later, that the 6th was just the day they'd ship from the warehouse and online sales. I gave him the biggest sarcastic "Really?" and a chuckle, then walked out of the store. I obviously wasn't going to get any information out of that guy since he barely seemed to know what a Pre was. The Best Buy and Radio Shack guys knew way more.
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    I'm really getting sick of this launch bogus, but I guess it doesn't matter. I expected more from Sprint than this, considering the magnitude of the launch. I guess it's all part of the viral pre-launch hype/hysteria (haha, yeah what a lame pun) they want to stir up.

    Sad part of this is that I wish the date were different. I'm leaving the country for a month at 10:00 AM on the 6th, and nothing is changing that. I guess I'll miss launch as well as the chance of having it for a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fbeaumont View Post
    Maybe some folks will stay on SERO and maybe Sprint will get desperate again and then they can get the PRE with their $12 plan. But I'll bet these geeks can't stay away from the PRE altar for that long. Or they can get nice Boost phone and a $50/mo plan.

    But in the mean time, can the mods install an autobot to delete any thread or reply that contains the word SERO in the PRE forum. Good riddance.
    Why so much hate? I mean, honestly?

    There are a lot of people (like myself) who are/have been loyal Sprint customers. I sat and watched the CES keynote the same as you and everyone else (most likely). Just because we got lucky and took advantage of that killer deal doesn't mean we should be shortchanged or mistreated by Sprint just because this is a high profile launch. Two-year contracts should work both ways, and I got Sprint to sign another two-year contract back with the Touch Pro at a Best Buy.

    I'm hoping the same scenario plays out again; march into Best Buy, buy the phone, have the (inexperienced) rep activate, walk out. If that doesn't happen, the Pre is going to be a tough sell.

    Not to mention, considering how much of a hassle it was to port my current number to Sprint in the first place, how the heck would they transfer my SERO plan number/configuration to even an EPRP plan? I honestly don't trust customer service to do that; last time it took two whole months!
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    I feel like that dude on LOST.

    Me: I've been with Sprint for years, pay more than average, been through the bad times, am a "Premier" (lol) member and have been following the Pre since CES. And no invite. What about me?

    Sprint: What about you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I feel like that dude on LOST.
    Haha awesome.

    But... I think that some stores just haven't made plans yet with it just now being two weeks to go. I'd say that by the end of next week, we should know for sure which stores will or won't be open a day early, which stores are having 'launch parties', and which stores to avoid.

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