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    Quote Originally Posted by zmerahn View Post
    Tried to PM you, but I need 15 posts before I can PM. Do you have aim or can you PM me please.
    Zmerahn im me on aim at ka0s913
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    Reminiz keep calling man dont give up! where are u located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by preman2be913 View Post
    Guys and Gals this is AWESOME!!! If you live in South Florida I just got a word from my buddy Chris who is a manager at this specific store that Non preemees can also purchase the pre on the 5th at 6PM-Midnight. Message me for the store location, info, and contact name. See you June 5th!!!
    What I think what prob happen is that everyone who signed up on Sprint for the email once Pre is available will get a email maybe on the 4th stating you can get a Pre with a copy of the email on the 5th between 6-12 at your local Sprint store. What do you think?
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    This is good news if it pans out!!
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    Ok, so here's the skinny. After much effort and calling every Sprint corporate contact I have, it has been determined with near certainty that each manager of Sprint stores not taking part in the national launch party have authority to conduct their own launch party on the 5th.

    For example, here in Utah at the store I most often frequent, they are taking names of premier customers who want the Pre, and will invite them to pick up the phone after stores close at 6 pm local time.

    Again, it is fully up to the manager to decide if they will conduct this early sale on the 5th, or if they will join the rest and release on the 6th. Either way, the store will be closed early on the 5th, and the pre "Pre" release is open to premier customers only.

    So far as I can tell, official position is to only allow premier customers early, but there have been rumors of that requirement being relaxed. I would recommend all crazy, Pre nutjobs to go to their local store and see if there be a list. With shortages, planned or otherwise, it couldn't hurt to be prepared.

    Anyway, geeking out at a pre "Pre" release may not seem logical to my wife, but sounds great to me.
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    Thanks PreMan, I also don't have enough post to PM but I found this post and got the info you were looking to share. Unfortunately I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and have yet to get an invite or find anyone with info on a "Pre" party for the 5th in my area. Thanks again & good luck with getting your pre on the 5th!
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    Anyone is LA confirm this? That would be sweet!!
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    keone my pleasure and I hope u get urs on the 5th so we can be pming from our Pres lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by preman2be913 View Post
    Reminiz keep calling man dont give up! where are u located?
    a few states north, Ohio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    a few states north, Ohio.
    two words... ROAD TRIPPPPPPPP! LOL
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    “Whoa, whoa, easy there killer.” That’s probably one of the phrases coming out of your mouth at the moment. One of our most-trusty of ninjas just dropped this bomb in our mailbox — it’s going to be rough out there on June 6th, folks. We’ve been told that there are only roughly 4,250 Palm Pres that Best Buy stores will be receiving for launch day on June 6th. Scott Anderson of Best Buy Mobile told us there were around 1,000 Best Buy locations that would be selling the Pre, so this leaves us with around 4 units per store. For launch. Incredible, isn’t it?
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    I'm not too surprised I guess with all the rumors of short supply, but now I'm really considering a corporate store may be a place to get it the first day. thanks for the post!
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    I was hoping to get it at best buy because of the no MIR BS
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    Sprint store was always going to be your best bet for a launch pick up. Telesales if you can't find one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    a few states north, Ohio.
    Quote Originally Posted by preman2be913 View Post
    two words... ROAD TRIPPPPPPPP! LOL
    Being from Ohio myself, I don't think it would quite worth it to road trip down to Florida for a phone that I could get here 12 hours later...
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    same here...spoke to a store here in San Antonio who claims they are selling the Pre's from 6-12 on the 5th and there is no waiting list...anyone can go.
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    I just got back from a local Sprint store - not a corporate store, but one run by Guide Services. They said they are closing on June 5 from 4-6 PM and then reopening from 6PM - midnight to sell the Pre. They aren't limiting it to premier customers or anything. And they are holding phones for people as long as they have enough inventory for people in their list. Sounds like if they get a large enough shipment, this is definitely the way to get a phone asap!
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    I was just told by my local BB manager that only the top 300 stores were getting them. Not the top 1000. I was on the wait list that they started but no more. He isn't getting any of the first run.
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    Telesales: 6-8 Weeks for $100 rebate at Sprint


    Best Buy: 6-8 Weeks for Palm Pre to be in stock

    Inventory can really be the way Palm botches this launch because for many people then if they can't buy a Pre on Jun 6 then they'll buy a new iPhone on June 8.
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    i have spoken to about 5 stores in my area (San Antonio, TX)...all corporate. 3 of them told me that there is no party and they will not be selling the Pre til the 6th. 1 told me they are having a party but you must have an invitation to attend. The last one told me they are opening from 6-12 and there is no list...anyone can come.

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