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    just got to bed...and check again in the am. time will pass faster..
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    Quote Originally Posted by neodorian View Post
    How much do you guys try to "scoop" other blogs? Does it help a lot with hits and ad revenue? Just curious. I always follow this stuff but I've never done any columns or set up my own site for it. You seem to really follow this stuff and do a good job reporting. I used to listen to the WM podcasts when I was constantly tweaking my Mogul.
    I'm no expert, actually kind of a "noob," but I have noticed that PreCentral seems to beat the other blogs to the punch. I was following several Pre blogs on twitter but had to tune some of them out because they came out with the very same tidbits of information found here - but later, often days later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hokap View Post
    Gang, I was on the WSJ site and the "Todays Paper" section has the 19th title. I wonder if someone has an actual subscription/account if they can go in and see the whole paper??? Just a thought...definitely WON't be up @ 4 am...but if I roll over and see the time I'll definitely pick up my BB Curve and check!
    Below is a list of all sections and articles for tomorrow's paper (sorry it is long). As expected, there are no Palm or Pre "articles" in the 5/19 WSJ. It will be an ad only.

    News by section: Page One | Marketplace | Money and Investing | Personal Journal
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    • Download the Print Version of What's News (PDF)
    • View the latest What's News online

    Local Banks Face Big Losses
    Commercial real-estate loans could generate losses of $100 billion by the end of next year at over 900 small and midsize U.S. banks if economic woes deepen, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.
    • Graphic: Under Stress, Testing the Rest

    U.S. Orders Stricter Fuel Goals for Autos
    The Obama administration is pushing a plan to raise fuel-economy standards to 35 miles per gallon by 2016, four years faster than current federal law requires.
    • Energy: More Sniping at Cash for Clunkers
    • Vote: Fuel standards rising too fast or too slow?

    Schwarzenegger Puts Legacy on the Line With Budget Vote
    Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to leave behind a California that's governable. But his best chance at building that legacy now looks like a longshot.

    At Estates of the Fabulously Rich,
    Gilded Era Is Going, Going, Gone
    Fire-sale auctions of mansions, yachts, sports cars and other trappings of wealth have become increasingly common as the rich become less rich.
    • Photos: Lifestyle Liquidation
    • Video: One-Day-Only Auctions

    •Fund-Raiser's Trial Goes to Jury
    The fate of Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu, who faces criminal charges for allegedly violating campaign-finance laws, now rests with a federal jury.
    •Panetta Warns of Perils of Political Spats
    CIA Director Leon Panetta suggested that comments like Nancy Pelosi's critiques of the CIA could be detrimental to national security.
    •Corrections & Amplifications
    Corrections and amplifications for May 19, 2009.

    •Farms Start to Feel Credit Pinch
    The credit crunch is squeezing farmers, who are finding it harder to borrow money amid tighter lending standards.
    •Obama Avoids Test on Gays in Military
    The Obama administration isn't challenging a court ruling that undermines the military's policy of expelling openly gay service members.

    •New Taxes Loom to Pay for Health-Care Overhaul
    Senate leaders proposed new taxes on everything from nonprofit hospitals to alcohol to pay for an overhaul of the health system.
    •Justices Reject Custody Claims
    The Supreme Court ruled that a Pakistani immigrant arrested after 9/11 failed to show top officials ordered or knew of his alleged jail abuse.
    •Congress Is Left to Flesh Out Details
    Obama has laid out a big picture for his health-care and energy initiatives, but has left the critical details to Congress, inviting both benefits and perils.

    •Obama Pursues Trade Pacts Set Up by Bush
    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said he is seeking to wrap up lingering trade initiatives launched by Bush, but signaled a new priority for Obama would be deepening U.S. trade ties with Asia.
    •Grassley Probes Kuklo Study
    Sen. Grassley is investigating the case of a former Army surgeon who allegedly forged data in a study of a bone-growth protein in injured soldiers.

    •Sri Lanka Declares Rebel Chief Dead, Ending War
    The government said it had crushed the final resistance of the Tamil Tigers, killing the rebel chief and ending his three-decade quest for an independent homeland.
    •A Notorious Terrorist Who Refused to Compromise to the End
    The death of Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran capped a life dedicated to the goal of a separate state for ethnic Tamils, even though his militancy resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of his own people.
    •Suu Kyi Trial Begins, Inciting Opposition
    The trial of Aung San Suu Kyi has begun, and the effort by Myanmar's military regime to weaken their best-known critic has instead boosted her profile.
    • Opinion: How will the world react?
    • Video: Thousands Protest for Suu Kyi

    •U.S., Israel Leaders Discuss Strategies for Mideast
    Obama and Netanyahu, in their first meeting as leaders, agreed to pursue peace with the Palestinians and block Iran from getting nuclear arms.
    • Video: Obama Comments on Meeting
    • Opinion: A Shared Interest in Iran
    •Afghan Girls' Illness Prompts Theories
    Three times at three different schools in Afghanistan, dozens of girls have been rushed to the hospital after collapsing or becoming ill, but the cause is a mystery.
    •Russia Sees Gloom Despite Rise in Oil
    In Russia, oil prices are surging, the ruble is up and stocks have taken off. But even the good news has economists worried.
    •Dubai Shakes Up Leadership at Finance Department
    The Dubai government dismissed Nasser Al Shaikh as director general of the city-state's finance department, removing a key player from the recently assembled team shaping the emirate's response to the economic crisis

    •Malawi President Is Expected to Win Second Term
    Malawians are set to head to the polls for parliamentary and presidential elections in the nation's fourth democratic vote since independence.

    •Gauging the Economy's Engine as It Sputters Along
    It's hard to tell the moment when a recession ends amid the stream of conflicting data, but here's a user's guide to the gears and measures.

    •FDIC Weighs Fee That Would Hit Big Banks Harder
    The FDIC is considering levying a one-time fee to replenish the agency's deposit-insurance fund that would hit big banks harder than it would hit small ones.

    A Strategy for Netanyahu
    Time for a solution that shows who wants peace.

    Obama Scored Big at Notre Dame
    At least the president is forthright about his principles.

    Running for Lean Times
    It's no accident that jogging took off in the 1970s.

    The Gentle Art of Getting Ahead
    A self-deprecating account of mastering tests, stuffing résumés and impressing the right people.

    How Washington Rations
    ObamaCare omen: a case study in 'cost-control.'

    Sarbox and the Constitution
    Supreme Court scrutiny for a harmful law.

    Iran's Nuclear Shopping List
    Morgenthau: 'It's late in the game.'

    Letters to the Editor
    •Recessions Are the Price We Pay for Economic Freedom
    •Justice's Antitrust Policy Returns to the Moderate 1990s
    •Business Will Miss Justice Souter
    •California Sky Falls While the Girlie-Men Rule the Golden State
    •More Glaziers' Sons At Sporting Events
    •We Supported Rights For Joe the Plumber

    The Arms-Control Dinosaurs Are Back
    Why invite Russia to veto the nuclear progress we've been making on our own?

    Obama's Auto Plan Is Capitalism at Work
    Charges that Chrysler's creditors got fleeced don't stand up to scrutiny.

    Notable & Quotable's John Feehery writing about the prospects of an anti-Pelosi coup among House Democrats:

    Small Firms Wait for a Credit Thaw
    Big companies are rushing to issue stocks and bonds, but credit is still scarce for many mostly smaller companies that rely on bank lending.

    U.S., States Join Lawsuits On Wyeth Drug Sales
    The U.S. and 16 states joined whistleblower lawsuits alleging that Wyeth defrauded the government by offering discounts to hospitals on two drugs that it didn't offer to Medicaid.

    Lower Costs Give Oil Firms Breathing Room
    A decline in the cost of drilling wells is easing the pressure on oil and natural-gas producers.

    Google Searches for Staffing Answers
    Google began crunching data from employee reviews and promotion and pay histories in a formula Google says can identify which employees are most likely to quit.

    •New Prius Is Set to Race Insight
    Toyota launched the more-powerful version of its Prius hybrid in Japan at lower prices, as it escalates its battle with Honda's Insight hybrid.
    •Chrysler Says Buyout Offers Are Expanded
    Chrysler will expand its retirement and separation program for workers at seven facilities scheduled for closure.
    •Slump Socks Ad Industry's Small End
    Smaller ad companies are being hurt by the recession more than their larger rivals. A measure of Aegis's first-quarter revenue fell 12%..

    •Lowe's Sees Higher Profit Ahead
    Lowe's reported quarterly net fell 22% but a brighter outlook for the year sent its shares sharply higher.
    •Gatwick Operator Fights Airport Sale
    BAA rejected a $2 billion bid for London's Gatwick airport and challenged the U.K. ruling requiring it to sell the facility.
    •Memory-Chip Alternative Is Unveiled
    After seven years of labor in secrecy, a Silicon Valley start-up is disclosing one of the most radical efforts yet to replace today's memory chips.
    •FCC Plans to Examine Arbitron's 'People Meter'
    The FCC is looking into Arbitron's "People Meter" to see if it undercounts minority radio audiences.
    •Comcast and NFL Near a Deal
    The NFL and Comcast are closing in on a deal that would put the league-owned NFL Network on a widely distributed tier of the country's largest cable operator.

    •PC Makers to Show Their Mettle
    H-P and Dell are both grappling with a dismal PC market. Now they will have to demonstrate whether they can have found a way to increase profits in this environment.
    •New Search Service Has Techies Talking
    A small software company is causing a stir in the technology world with a highly anticipated new Internet-search service that some speculate could eventually challenge Google.
    • Tech Diary: What the Heck is Wolfram Alpha?
    • Digits: The Geek's Search Engine?
    •Arcandor Rejects Proposal by Rival Metro
    Arcandor said it was initially rejecting a proposal from rival Metro AG that the two companies combine their department-store chain operations.
    •Kerkorian Stake in MGM Mirage Shrinks
    A stock offering by MGM Mirage has reduced the stake of its longtime majority shareholder, billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, to 39% from 53.8%.
    • ADVERTISING: American Apparel, Woody Allen Settle Lawsuit
    Woody Allen agreed to a $5 million settlement in his lawsuit accusing a trendy clothing company of using an image parodying him as a rabbi without his permission.

    • ADVERTISING: ABC Counts On Laughs to Crack a Tough Market
    ABC is laughing in the face of a tough ad market, preparing to unveil comedies, including "Cougar Town," starring Courtney Cox as a divorced mom with a 17-year-old son.
    •'Twilight' Basks in Glow of Strong DVD Sales, Defying Trend
    DVD sales have plummeted in recent months, but buyers have sunk their teeth into teen vampire film "Twilight."

    AmEx Targets $800 Million in Cost Cuts
    American Express plans to eliminate 4,000 jobs, on top of 7,000 cut in October, aiming to save $800 million this year.

    BlackRock Wears Multiple Hats
    Treasury has preliminarily granted BlackRock a coveted second-round interview to become one of a few money managers to buy toxic assets from U.S. banks, using taxpayer money.

    Canada Banks Aim to Show Prudence Pays
    Canadian banks are hoping to take advantage of distressed U.S. lenders. TD Bank may team with Goldman Sachs in a BankUnited bid.

    Latest Economic Signal: H-P Toner Error
    The worst might be over for personal-computer sales, but the printing division could still look ugly for Hewlett-Packard when it reports earnings on Tuesday.

    Stocks Rise as Recovery Hopes Build
    The Dow industrials surged 235 points, or 2.9%, as bank stocks soared. The S&P 500 is again positive for the year to date.
    • Data: Overview | Treasurys | Forex | Crude | Gold

    •India Poll Results Lift Stocks by 17%
    India's new government may be poised to give lift the economy just as it is showing signs of recovery on its own, a combination that drove Indian stocks up 17%.
    •'Breakers' Compress the Day's Surge Into Mere Minutes
    Minutes after opening, the Bombay Stock Exchange's benchmark Sensitive Index surged to 13479.39 triggering a two-hour pause in trading. Within seconds of resuming trade, the index leapt to 14284.21, triggering a shutdown for the rest of the day.
    •Indian Bonds Join Stocks in Vote Win
    Indian government-bond prices rose in line with stocks, but gains were muted by concerns over the new government's borrowing.
    • CURRENCY TRADING: Indian Rupee Strengthens Against the Dollar
    The dollar and yen suffered on a broad rally in risk appetite as stocks advanced. The Indian rupee rose sharply after an election victory for the incumbent government.
    •HSBC, BEA Approved To Issue Yuan Bonds
    Two non-Chinese banks will soon sell yuan-denominated bonds in Hong Kong, a move that could quicken internationalization of the yuan and provide a new fund raising channel.

    •Credit-Card Firms Gird for Change
    Credit-card firms may raise rates on good customers, or cut them off, as the companies grapple with new rules for the industry.
    •Court Will HearAccounting Case
    The Supreme Court will hear a constitutional challenge to the accounting-oversight board created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002 after a series of accounting scandals. A Nevada accounting firm and free-enterprise advocacy groups sued over the structure of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, challenging the way the Securities and Exchange Commission, an independent federal agency, appoints the board's members.
    •Lehman Challenges Valuation
    Lehman Brothers said it was undervalued in its hasty sale to Barclays, a claim that might be repeated in other bankruptcy cases.
    • Lehman's court filing, highlights
    •The SEC's Kotz, Watching the Watchdog
    H. David Kotz's fate as inspector general of the SEC is up in the air as Congress and the Obama administration work through a broader regulatory revamp.
    •In a Truce, Yellowstone Resort Sold
    CrossHarbor will buy the Yellowstone Club for about $115 million, capping a yearlong fight over the resort.
    •Fairfield Hit With Lawsuit Over Madoff
    Madoff trustee Irving Picard sued investment funds run by Fairfield Greenwich for $3.5 billion, alleging they "should have known" Madoff was engaged in fraud.
    • Earlier: Madoff Victims Investigated

    • CREDIT MARKETS: Corporate Debt Whets Risk Appetite
    ConocoPhillips launched a $3 billion bond sale, as it and other companies offered $6 billion in new issues.
    •Morgan Eyes TARP Tab
    Morgan Stanley has applied to the Federal Reserve to return the $10 billion in government funds received from the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
    •Treasury Announces Bill Sales Over 2 Days
    The Treasury on Monday announced plans to sell $70 billion this week in cash-management bills and other short-term securities.
    •OTC Contracts Shrank in Late '08
    The volume of over-the-counter derivatives diminished in the second half of 2008 as the financial crisis struck, the Bank for International Settlements said.

    •BofA Climbs 9.9%; Lowe's, Wynn Gain
    U.S. stocks rallied broadly as home-improvement retailer Lowe's raised its earnings outlook, lifting consumer companies.
    • SMALL STOCK FOCUS: Quicksilver, Dillard's, Beazer, IDM Jump
    Small-capitalization stocks rose, boosted by positive data in the housing sector and hopes that consumers will spend their way out of the recession.
    • OPTIONS REPORT: Risk-Hungry Traders Drive Moves in ICICI, Infosys Calls
    Options traders played on an increased risk appetite in the wake of election results in India.

    • COMMODITIES REPORT: Oil Jumps 4.8% to $59.03; OPEC Cuts Unlikely
    Crude-oil futures rallied back above $59 a barrel, reflecting uncertainty over supply as the army battled militants in Nigeria, a heavyweight producer.

    • FUND TRACK: J.P. Morgan Offering Goes Against Grain
    J.P. Morgan Asset Management's mutual fund that was designed to deal with tough bond markets illustrates new ways that the industry is responding to the most difficult investment environment in decades.

    • HEARD ON THE STREET: An Early Bet on Indian Summer
    If only reforms would come as quickly to India as the market's gains did Monday.
    • HEARD ON THE STREET: Small Improvements at Lowe's
    The recession hasn't stopped consumers from giving their homes a spring touch-up. Unfortunately for Lowe's, the more ambitious projects are being shelved.
    •Overheard: Buyout Chatter Around Leap Wireless
    Could AT&T be about to leap further into the wireless market? Chatter that the telecom behemoth might buy Leap Wireless International ricocheted around Wall Street after both companies canceled appearances at investment conferences. AT&T and Leap each pulled out of this week's J.P. Morgan telecom, media and technology gathering in Boston. AT&T also canceled an appearance at a Barclays Capital conference next week. AT&T stock fell 1.2%, while Leap lived up to its name, rising 3.7%.

    Leap cited "scheduling issues." AT&T said its decision was related to continuing labor negotiations, although CEO Randall Stephenson hasn't canceled plans to appear at a Sanford C. Bernstein conference next week.

    Investors might have overreacted. But Leap's contract-less, cheap plans have drawn solid subscriber growth. And, given AT&T's ravenous appetite for acquisitions, Leap, at $2.6 billion, is the equivalent of a wafer-thin mint.
    • HEARD ON THE STREET: Hedge Funds Ready to Trim Fees in Fight for New Money
    The squabble between hedge funds and their investors over fees may be heading for a compromise -- just in time for a new round of fund raising.

    Safe and Cheap: The Best Cars for New Grads
    Joseph B. White assembles a list of cars for teens that have quality scores in safety -- and won't break the bank for parents.

    Laws Take On Financial Scams Against Seniors
    Some states are imposing "enhanced penalties" on people who commit financial crimes against seniors, sparking controversy among legal experts who oppose singling out one group for protection.

    It's a Buyers' Market for Summer Travel
    The outlook for summer travel this year is smoother and cheaper than in recent years, with significant price cuts at hotels, airlines, resorts and cruises.
    • Video | Podcast | The Middle Seat Terminal

    Hidden Risk: Millions of People Don't Know They Are Diabetic
    One of the most troubling statistics in health care is this: Twenty-three million Americans have diabetes, and one-quarter of them don't realize it.
    • Health Mailbox | Discuss: Do you have diabetes?

    •Funds on a Run
    It pays to see how funds manage in times of crisis and how their managers steered them out of the situation. Here are funds that are staging a comeback.
    •JetBlue to Extend Refund Program
    JetBlue Airways will extend its refund program to customers who lose their jobs after buying tickets.
    •How to Reset Social Security Benefits
    Retirees can boost income further over the long term by resetting the clock on Social Security benefits.
    •Some Insurers Offer Funeral-Related Services
    More group-life insurers are moving their death benefits well beyond just a lump sum, bundling together legal help for probate and professional help for funeral planning.

    •New Study Spurs Concern About Chemical in IV Bags
    A quick look at some recent health studies of note, from medical devices to vaccination rates.
    •Picking Up Disease From an ATM
    Columnist Melinda Beck answers readers' questions on if it's possible to pick up diseases from an ATM or by handling currency, and more.
    •Cigarette Design May Boost Risks
    New research on cigarette design shows it may be riskier to smoke cigarettes today than it was a few decades ago -- at least in the U.S.

    •With Jobs Scarce, Age Becomes an Issue
    More young workers are at risk of layoffs as employers grow wary of letting older employees go because of age-discrimination lawsuits.

    •A Web Presence From Scratch
    With unemployment at a 23-year high, job seekers should expand the way they search. Here's how to build up a social-networking presence from scratch.
    •Parents Ask Their Employers For Help Getting Family a Job
    It's well-documented that more young adults are moving back in with their parents. Now, some parents are going a step further: They're asking their employers to help their kids find a job.

    • OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colo.
    Stephanie Simon on an unexpected treasure in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies.
    • TRAVEL WATCH: Marriott Rewards
    Marriott International is offering members of its loyalty program double-point earning power through June 26.

    •Jazz Producer to the Greats
    George Avakian has been an influence in the recording industry since the 1930s, producing jazz albums with some of the genre's biggest names.
    •Hats Off to Monsieur Hulot
    "Jacques Tati, Deux Temps, Trois Mouvements" is a tribute to a unique French film at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris.
    •When Korean Culture Flourished
    An exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art explores Korea's cultural heritage through a collection of objects including buncheong stoneware and landscape paintings representing Confucian ideals. | Photos
    •Pepper … and Salt

    •Textbook Management? Hardly.
    The Denver Nuggets owe their success to a bizarre combination of luck, good health, opportunism and a management strategy that is more six-shooter than Six Sigma.
    •Toronto's Secret Strategy: Don't Pinch Hit
    The Toronto Blue Jays are claiming first place in the American League since they decided to just about end pinch-hitting.
    •Twins Pitchers Could Face Off on Jeopardy
    The Minnesota Twins may not have the best pitching staff in baseball, but chances are they have the smartest. Plus, Tuesday's roller coaster of a stage at the Giro d'Italia could be particularly perilous, and coach Jon Gruden heads to ESPN's Monday Night Football booth.
    •41,046: Largest Number of Fans to Attend a High School Basketball Game
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    i may fade in the next hour. i've got my twitter acct set to send updates to my treo from precentral, palm & a bunch of other palm-related accts. the alert sound is the one tonicipriani made from one of the releasemypre videos. if i should fall asleep, the desperate PAAAAALLLLLMMM!!! cry will wake me if anything happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbirdie View Post
    I'm no expert, actually kind of a "noob," but I have noticed that PreCentral seems to beat the other blogs to the punch. I was following several Pre blogs on twitter but had to tune some of them out because they came out with the very same tidbits of information found here - but later, often days later.
    Agreed I usually would follow Engadget by checking the tags for 'Pre' but always has the stories on the main page so I don't even need to check forums for quick stories in morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowboard1219 View Post
    someone in another thread checked on and it said it will be on there by 12 am east
    Just noticed this at the bottom of "Today's Paper" link from
    This index is compiled from the late edition of The Wall Street Journal distributed to East Coast readers. Images of section fronts are available after 5 a.m. ET on the day of publication.

    Good night.
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    i feel like im waiting for a black friday ad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hathetran View Post
    i feel like im waiting for a black friday ad...
    Funny part is, we are all waiting for an ad that is going to tell us how much longer we have to wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hathetran View Post
    i feel like im waiting for a black friday ad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform View Post
    Funny part is, we are all waiting for an ad that is going to tell us how much longer we have to wait.
    And what if this ad doesn't even exist?!
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    I hope we hear about it before the actual paper is delivered i know the paper is delivered around 4 hopefully we can hear about it earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    Agreed I usually would follow Engadget by checking the tags for 'Pre' but always has the stories on the main page so I don't even need to check forums for quick stories in morning.
    Yep! Also, Engadget has really worn me out with partiality toward the iPhone. Oh, and the people commenting on Engadget seems to be consistently... well... rude.
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    well I'm hitting the hay for a few hours, will check back early in the AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    well I'm hitting the hay for a few hours, will check back early in the AM
    Yeah, definitely feeling that one...

    *passes out*
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbirdie View Post
    Yep! Also, Engadget has really worn me out with partiality toward the iPhone. Oh, and the people commenting on Engadget seems to be consistently... well... rude.
    That they are... They're too protective of their precious iPhone sadly. It's just a device.. I own one and while I like it, I'll move to whatever is best at the time.
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    I really hope today is the day. Otherwise, I will be leading a revolution in Sunnyvale. Any takers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by williamschulzberg View Post
    I really hope today is the day. Otherwise, I will be leading a revolution in Sunnyvale. Any takers?
    I will drive down and start marching around until they give me a Pre!
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    Hello Precentral, whats the word? Can't wait to hear the news. I will be up with Red Bull in hand searching for new info! This has turn into a movement I see.

    700P > 800 W
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbirdie View Post
    Yep! Also, Engadget has really worn me out with partiality toward the iPhone. Oh, and the people commenting on Engadget seems to be consistently... well... rude.
    Much prefer Gizmodo. Their stuff tends to be much more balanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    Much prefer Gizmodo. Their stuff tends to be much more balanced.
    …and the comments at gizmodo are so polite & informative!
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