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    This looks pretty cool. Too bad about that Android/T-Mobile thing, or I would be very tempted (I happen to think that Android platform will eventually play an equal role on the stage with Palm, Rim, and Apple).

    Is the upcoming Android UI taking cues from Palm Pre? - Computerworld Blogs
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    Eh, it feels like they've finally gotten around to refining the Android UI. While there are obviously a few cues taken from webOS, you could say the same thing about webOS aping certain aspects of the iPhone OS UI.
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    Absolutely true - they all take their cues from each other (a very good thing). I should probably have changed the subject, the similarity was not why I posted, but rather to point out that Android is coming around.
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    They had to do something. The look of Android was extremely beta-ish to me. Very unpolished, very unpleasing to the eye. HTC did a great job (well, as good as you can hope for WinMo) with TouchFlo3D so I'd have confidence that HTC could do something to make Android look like an actual modern full version OS
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    Welcome to the large screen touch phone generation.
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    Overhead from two pre-teens discussing a newly announce phone 3 years from now.. "iWhat? No dude, it's just annother pre-wanna-be!"
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    HTC did all the adjustments to the new Dream to look and feel more like Pre - Not Android or Google.
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    Better, I still think they have a ways to go. I don't get that "sleek & sexy" feeling from it like I do with the iPhone and definitely with the Pre.

    On a non-OS note, I can't for the life of me figure out they went with no physical keyboard!!!
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