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    if the palm pre is not out by the mid june i am giving up and getting the ttmobile g1...

    sorry palm this waiting and screwing with us is about enough.
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    Even if the Pre comes out in July I'll still get it.
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    You might want to check out the CNET review of the G1 first.
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    If the palm pre is not out by May of 2010 when my contract is up, then I'll join a blackberry, WM, or Iphone forum and complain about their latest and greatest not being out yet......
    Seriously though, I feel your pain.
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    i mean if you feel that switching to a 3g network thats the size of a infant is a good idea than go right ahead.
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    Yeah, Palm is being frustrating. Do what's best for you, the G1 is a good phone the only problem is the battery life.
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    If you are considering the G1 vs. the Palm Pre... you should also be considering the I7500.
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    You might as well just hold out til the end of June since that's how long Palm has for their FHo09 prediction. What's a couple weeks after waiting all these months? And the G1 has its issues.
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    If you wanted the G1, you'd have gotten it by now. But since you waited this long..
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    G1 looks like it was designed by Palm in the 90's. I would pass on it.
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    I've waited way too long to give it up now......
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    You should switch now. Not only will you enjoy everyone else having the Palm Pre, but you can see Sprint customers getting an I7500-esque Android phone from Samsung later this year that will smoke the specs of the G1.

    Oh, and you'll pay more too. Don't wait!
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    Give up now and switch and stop the drama.
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    Bro I am with T-Mobile now and you have to be kidding. I pay $66 a month for 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging. You are going to tell me you would pay $80+ for the same thing with internet when you could get $100 a month unlimited everything including TV? Have at it. I can't wait to get off this T-Mobile bandwagon with their 3 years of crap phones!
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    Quote Originally Posted by derik123derik123 View Post
    sorry palm this waiting and screwing with us is about enough.
    I'm okay with the idea of being tired of the wait. Heck, I'm tired of the wait myself. Just like I've been tired of waiting for Chevy to reintroduce the Camaro for quite some time now.

    But what, exactly, has Palm (or Sprint) done to "screw with us"?
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    I find it funny that he says that stuff, but only has 3 posts and joined this month...

    Long wait, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightofHonor View Post
    I find it funny that he says that stuff, but only has 3 posts and joined this month...

    Long wait, eh?
    look whos talking, may
  18. #18 wanna buy that old piece of crap when they keep announcing new Android phones? You want to switch to the slowest and smallest of 3g networks out there?

    You ran a marathon but decided to stop 100 yards before the finish line? That makes no sense at all, especially since Palm is still in their promised time frame. The pieces have together, everything is in will be on time.

    Don't make that mistake will feel like a complete *** once we all get to rub the Pre in your face and point and laugh at you with your old G1.

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