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    I asked this same question about a month ago. My point was similar to yours....I have 500 or so Facebook contacts and obviously don't talk to all of them on a regular basis..some not at all, so why would I need them on my phone just taking up space? I think what will happen is that we will put our contacts in the Pre manually and then synergy will then go out and look for those contacts on the Pre that match Facebook, gmail, etc.

    At least, that's what I'm hoping for.
    I don't think that's the way it's going to work. The push sync system I had at work that pushed GroupWise to the Treo allowed you to pick which categories in your GroupWise system to sync the Treo, and which from the Treo to sync back.

    I suspect that the Pre is going to work similarly.
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    Think I was following what someone else mentioned in an old thread due to Palm not being anywhere on that list. Regardless, google is still flawed with no desktop standalone software. From what I've read you can "view" your calendar offline, but that's about it. No editing and no contacts. Google also does not handle memos. They FINALLY added tasks to their calendar app so that's at least a plus. Then again, not everybody wants to deal with google. And, I might be mistaken, they still don't have the First and Last name as separate fields. That is pretty annoying when working with contacts on the computer. Great if you just have a dumphone. Doesn't it also lump together city and state which is a problem for outlook users? Think I read that somewhere as well. That could be old news though. They've done a bit of updating to it this year. And what about multiple email adrs?

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    Google Mobile sync:

    Google Mobile

    "This service is free from Google..."
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