i almost feel like the topic of the pre is beating a dead horse.
even in feb. i felt such despair that i had to wait so long to get my hands on this phone. then i got angry, and ditched the whole thought of it for a month or so, but not without keeping an ear open for any hint.

finally, the past 6 weeks has been like sitting on the start line waiting for that whistle to go off. im amped and ready, but still almost burned out from all this waiting and wishing. whats made it worse is the fact that sprint, nor palm has said anything about a release date. i feel all your anger, and frustration.

i only called up to sprint twice, just to make sure my account is straight so i can get the discounted contract price for the phone. that second time was yesterday, after i visted the store to do the same. they were no help.

the other day someone mentioned on the forums something about a waiting list for the pre. i asked about such a list at the sprint store, and the man at the counter told me there was only the sign up online to get notified of its release date. and that if i wanted any more info i could call sprint to check further.

i did just that, the operator after first reaffirming my eligibility for contract price on a new phone (long story short, bought the touch pro at best buy, hated it returned it in 3 days. but the dork at best buy did not resend the contract (in va you have 3 days to decide on a contract and change your mind) and thus screwed me on my ability to get a phone for contract price, until i called and got it sorted out, which was after that 3 days so i have a "note" on my account) i asked about the waiting list.
the man on the phone put me on hold and checked. i did not get a solid answer, "sign up online for the email notice when the phone is available", and that there "should/could" be a waiting list a day or two before the phone is available. i did not mention the pre, but of course he knew what i wanted. he possibly let slip a nugget of info that may or may not be accurate. he said that it should be released sometime this month. again, maybe its true, maybe its not. on both points, the waiting list, and or the phone being out before the end of the month.

waiting for this phone has become annoying. checking my rss many times a day for any info is tiring, i want it already.

i dont take any of the info i got yesterday as scripture. but if it is true, great. we'll find out in a little over a week i hope.