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  • Definately. Pre FTW!

    98 80.99%
  • Maybe, but not if *insert feature* sucks.

    14 11.57%
  • Haven't decided yet.

    6 4.96%
  • Nope.

    3 2.48%
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    With the home stretch coming up for the Pre, just wanted to see where everyone stands in their Pre Dedication. Who is going to get it no matter what? Who won't get it or return it if there is one thing they don't like (keyboard, lack of a feature, etc)? Who is honestly on the fence?

    And, of course, why?

    I'm personally getting it no matter what. So what if the keyboard ends up a little cramped? It's not the end of the world and no phone is perfect. Games? They will come.
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    Well I been waiting for this phone for about 2 year now. So I'm going to get it and try it for the 30 day period before porting over my VZW number. I currently use the Centro so I'm not concerned about the keyboard.
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    I've been waiting for this phone my entire life. How could I forsake her now?
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    New plan would cost me almost $1k extra per year. I have family share 2000 minutes with unlimited data, text, pcs to pcs, PAM, and more for only $80 a month. The Pre would cost me $169 a month for the family plan and I'd get a Pro instead and liking it alot!
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    98% sure on the Pre....if the keyboard is unbearably sucking, then I will switch over to blackberry
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    Cant count the times I check PreCentral just to spot a link to a YouTube or a Thread saying "I GOT IT...I GOT IT". but the mods need to change the color of the site.....St. Patty's day is way over!!!!...LOL


    PS Made room in the budget for it!!!!!!
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    Assuming any unforseen horrible crap, 100% getting the Pre.
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    The keyboard cant be that bad just got to get used to it like any other new phone..Its way better then true press or whatever BB want to call it.
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    getting this phone no matter what.... i mean i have the palm centro, so the keys should no be a problem so this will be my iphone!!!
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    it really depends....

    I'll get it if..

    1. If it's not too small
    2. If the music player is as good as close enough to the Iphone's Ipod.
    3. If the new Iphone doesn't just completely blow it out of the water, with something like a keyboard.
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    Did I list the number of unique devices coming out this summer?

    It would be foolish to have decided already...
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    I am hopelessly devoted. I left my wife today because she didn't want me to put up the minivan to get a loan from the local title loan place. What a B***H. Oh well I'll just turn a few tricks to get the cash. And honestly I don't care if it is the worst POS phone I've ever owned I will keep it forever because I am in love with it. Can I get an Amen!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre_Diction View Post
    Did I list the number of unique devices coming out this summer?

    It would be foolish to have decided already...
    Unique devices? A new iPhone, a few new WM phones, maybe a new Android phone, maybe a few new Blackberries.

    None of those is unique. Regardless of the actual device specs, we know exactly what the experience is going to be on all of them, and it's the same as their old ones.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Pre is the only 'unique' phone that's coming out.
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    For me, I gonna wait and see if the Pre or something like it comes to my carrier... no sure that I would switch just for hardware.
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    Out of the first 50 votes, 78% are getting a Pre. Not exactly I the blowout I expected, but a landslide is just as good.

    Still, its surprising how many will not buy the Pre just because it doesn't have a certain feature or small keyboard and they go out and buy a phone that has less features and no keyboard... lol boggles the mind.

    I mean, there probably will be a on screen keyboard in less then a week after launch.
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    78% is darn good... 76 now... lol

    I'll more than likely get one... if reception is on par and there are no major issues with the phone.

    I'm excited for palm... I hope this goes off well...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I've been waiting for this phone my entire life. How could I forsake her now?
    Yeah, I have always wanted a phone with features the Pre has. I could care less about a crappy keyboard since it can't really be worse than the Centro. I am used the bad battery life again because of the Centro so that won't bother me. I am not exited about the slider but if it doesn't break I am fine with it. It is the perfect phone for me!
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    Considering very few of us have even seen one in person it is pretty hard to say with 100% certainty that its for you. Sure the fanboi's will and that is fine but many of use here don't equate the Pre and its success or failure to our genital size. So if if works out and we like it, we buy it. If it doesn't we won't.

    Best part is there are plenty of great phones with essentially an entire product revision every year or so. You don't have to wait long for something newer / better.
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    Looks great on paper, hoping to see how the execution works out by Palm. The keyboard isn't that big of an issue to me because any QWERTY keyboard is better than the iPhone's virtual one that just drives me up the wall...
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    I am getting it, anything is better then my current dumb phone. I have been phone shopping for the right phone for ~ 2 years and I finally found one that is for me... The Pre. The only bad thing about it is that I cant bounce it off the wall like I do with my current phone.
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